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154. Man's Story: So Horny She Couldn't Stop (8/20/03)

My girlfriend and I were at her nephew's birthday party all day so we hardly touched each other.  After the party we headed to my house, both very horny.  We went to my bedroom to watch TV.  As we lay together I started to fondle her breasts, nothing out of the ordinary, as I could tell she was getting very horny and I stopped abruptly.  She was so horny she couldn't stop. 

She took off my shirt and began to kiss my chest. As she did so I undressed her and began to rub her clit. She was already close to orgasm when she had finished undressing me, and she slowly lowered herself onto my cock. She grabbed my arms and rolled us over. I began to fuck her harder until I came to a climax and she finished with a triple orgasm. That experience was the first and best fuck of my life.

153. Woman's Story: Now That's Hospitality (8/19/03)

There was a big event in the bordering state. Our town got a lot of the overflow and the motels were booked for miles. I stopped by a convenience store and was asked by numerous people if I knew of any place they could stay. I was very attracted to one of the two men I was talking with. I agreed to let them stay at my house as I was working and would not be home until late. I took them to my house and the man I was attracted to said he would wait up for me. What happened when I got home surprised me and yet seemed so natural.

I got home at 3 a.m. and he was waiting with a six pack. We got into the hot tub and visited for awhile. I had fallen off a Harley earlier and my back was bothering me. He said he would give me a back rub so we went to my bedroom.

He started rubbing my back. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my legs. It was so hot and long. I wanted to feel him  inside me and moved my hips up and he got between my legs. I felt his hardness against my wet pussy and rubbing against my clit. His cock easily slid into me. He took me from behind. I rotated my ass against his hips as he stroked into me. In about three strokes he pulled out saying he was going to cum. We did this two more times. I kept telling him I was going to cum and for him to fuck me and to cum inside me. He told me to turn over. He ate my pussy, again bringing me to the verge of orgasm. I sucked his cock, tasting myself on him. I tongued his ass, making him moan.

I climbed on him and rode his cock. I wanted him to take my ass. He got behind me and I told him to go slow. I got his thick cock into my ass with a lot of pain. He rode me hard and I asked him to quit. He pulled out and  I eased his cock back into my ass and he rode me slower. I felt so full. I felt his breath on my neck as he stroked into my ass. I pushed back against his hips as he fucked me with his huge, thick, wet, throbbing dick. I moaned to him that I was cumming all over his cock. I told him I wanted him to fuck me and fill my ass up with his hot cum. He pushed his hips into my ass as I ground back into him. I felt his cock jerking as he unloaded his seed into my ass. We laid there panting and fell asleep.

I was instantly aroused when I woke up next to my handsome lover the next morning. After he cleansed his gorgeous cock I climbed onto it. I rode him slowly and worked my cunt muscles up and down his big dick. He was moaning every time I flexed. I could feel his cock jerking in my hot wet pussy.  I felt his body stiffen and heard him moan as he came. I came at the same time. My orgasm was extremely intense. We laid there, never saying a word, caressing.

We got up as his friend was ready to go. He asked me for a hug and I held him remembering his scent and his features. He asked for my phone number and I got his. He said he would see me next year. I smiled to myself the rest of the week and I am still smiling. This was three days ago.

152. Man's Story: We Made Love in My Chevy Van (8/18/03)

There was this girl in high school who really liked me.  She was good looking but kinda unpopular.  That was because she was really outgoing and always telling people off.  Through her friends, she kept asking me out, but I always said no. Then she asked me to a dance. Once again I said no. I ended up going to the dance with one of her friends.  About halfway through, the girl came up to me and asked me to dance.  I figured what the heck and said yes. It was a slow song so we were dancing close. She was leaning against me when I felt her take her hand off my shoulder and slowly bring it down to my crotch. She stuck her hand in my pants and began to rub my cock.  When the song was over she asked me if I wanted to go somewhere private.  I said sure.

I drive one of those huge vans.  It has a full-sized bed in back, which I will admit had not seen a lot of action.  When we got in we fooled around for a little bit.  Then I went up front to turn on the stereo.  When I turned around she was buck naked with her legs spread, playing with her pussy.  I quickly undressed and slipped on a condom. Then I stuck my cock right in her.  She was real tight and wet.  I began to slowly stroke in and out of her.  After a few minutes of this she was moaning and panting.  Then she grabbed my ass with both hands and rammed me into her and screamed 'Fuck me!' Well, that picked up the pace. She soon came, and a few seconds later I did too. After that we lay there with my dick still inside of her. We had sex 2 more times that night. It was great every time.  I never did go out with her.

151. Woman's Story: Office Fling (8/15/03)

We both worked in the same department at work along with my husband, but we'd had an ongoing flirtation for months. My husband works the day shift, but I work the night shift along with my fling. One night, we finally admitted to each other how much we both wanted to take things further and ended up having cybersex over IM at work. The next night, we had our regular "date" to hang out, and we thought we'd be alone. Unfortunately, one of his old friends showed up in town earlier than expected, and given my marital status, we had to keep things contained. But I couldn't take my eyes off him. When I stepped outside for some air, my coworker followed me and we ended up having a heavy makeout session in his backyard.

Once we went back inside to join a board game with his friend, I kept finding secret ways to touch him, and he kept finding equally discreet ways to rub against my thighs and crotch. Eventually, his friend fell asleep on the couch, and we made our way into the bedroom. The sex was hotter than I ever imagined. He practically ripped my clothes off as I threw him onto the bed. It was so frantic we didn't bother with protection, and a few minutes later I could feel his cum explode inside me. Afterwards, we sneaked back into the living room with his friend never even knowing what happened.

150. Woman's Story: Just Friends? (8/6/03)

He and I were friends...actually, we had been for a while. He came over several times, but nothing happened between us. Once...just once...we slept together in my bed. I woke up to him spooning me...and kissing my neck. I threw my leg over him and he penetrated me. I had no idea how large his cock was, and I cried out in pain. He didn't stop, but went slow, while breathing hot breath on my neck. I started to get really hot, he was holding me from behind, fondling my breasts. I was moaning then, louder than I ever had, and then, for the first time, I came. I came so hard that it left a HUGE wet spot in the bed. He kept on fucking me, and I felt him get bigger and bigger until he came...a huge amount. After that, all we could do was flip a coin for the dry spot to sleep in.

149. Man's Story: Cock-tail Party (8/4/03)

I was in San Francisco on business at a party to mingle with some business partners, and this petite fine Asian woman was talking to an acquaintance of mine. She was a couple of drinks ahead of me. We had talked just a bit when said point blank, "I bet you want to fuck me, don't you?" My boss and colleagues were across the room and I didn't know who she knew so I replied with an exaggerated, "Oh, wouldn't I!" so I could claim to be joking around if she were. We chatted for just a few moments and her friend returned, who she asked if I was an ok guy. He (lucky for me) said yes, and then she said, "Why don't we go, then?" I offered to go dancing somewhere - I don't know why I just didn't offer to take her straight home.

After we walked and talked for two blocks she said "Let's go to my hotel" and we caught a cab. When we got to her hotel room we started kissing passionately - we stripped each other wildly and I was hard as steel. She was wearing gorgeous red and black panties and bra and she had a super sexy flat tummy. She proceeded to sit between my ankles, and lean over to lick my hard cock while looking me straight in the eyes. Then she went down on me while sliding her hand up and down my cock with her saliva. I almost came just watching her give wonderful head. I pulled her up to me and I started playing with her clit and sucking her little hard nipples.

She then sat up and grabbed my cock and slowly aimed it to her pussy and slowly sat down. We fucked with abandon and I turned her over and then she got on hands and knees and I reached around and fingered her until she came. It was getting sloppy and slippery when I finally pumped my hot load into her pussy. We sat around for a few moments and then I regrettably had to get back to my hotel, so we said a very sleepy goodbye and I'll remember her as simply the girl that I shared some of the best sex of my life!

148. Woman's Story: On the Farm (7/31/03)

It was mid July. My friend's mom was getting married in Arizona, and I was invited to the wedding. It was a long drive down there, and my friend and I were staying at his uncle's house. The first night there there was a family BBQ, I met his cousin Jeffrey. He was just about six feet tall, tan and lean with long hair and big brown eyes. We hit it off right away, and spent the evening flirting with him.

Later on, I began to get more daring, and leaned over into him, with the looks of whispering into his ear, and I grabbed his crotch. He looked surprised, but went along with it anyway, and led me off to somewhere more "Private".

We ended up in the hayloft of the barn, and began making out heavily. We kissed each other all over the place, and then began to take off each other's clothes. I took off his shirt, and kissed and licked his chest. He slipped his hands under mine, and removed it, and massaged my breasts. It was so great, I was getting wet. I leaned forward, and undid his pants, and pulled out his semi-erect cock almost seven inches long. I knelt down, and put it into my mouth and began to suck him off. He let out a groan of pleasure, as I massaged him with my tongue, and worked it around my mouth. I felt him grow inside my mouth and I only sucked harder, until he spurted off a stream of cum into my mouth. I sucked him dry and stood up again, and began to stroke his cock with my hand. He slipped his hand down my shorts, and started massaging my clit. I was going wild wit desire, and he moved his fingers, and started to finger fuck me.

I removed my shorts all the way, and grabbed his cock with both hands. He took out his fingers, as I guided his hard cock to my wet and waiting pussy. Just as i got it to the entrance he grabbed my shoulders and pushed himself into me. Still inside me, he pushed me to the ground, and we began to hump like animals, hard and fast till our hair was flying all over and all the sounds heard were the slap of his balls. I flipped him over and rode him before, turning a 180 and I ended up on my hands and knees, and he preceded to fuck me doggie style, This whole act took about an hour and a half, before, with a cry We both came together, and he finished off the night, by eating me out.

This was the wildest experience I had ever had, and for the rest of my stay on my friend's uncle's farm, we continued having sex with each other whenever we could.

147. Woman's Story: Spanish Fly (7/31/03)

I was at a waterpark in Spain with a couple friends with me. We all decided to try out the tube slide. So we got our tubes and started going down the slide, at the third pool, a hot lifeguard was assisted me down the next slide, and he asked something in Spanish...I simply nodded, not knowing the language.

At the end of the slide we decided to go again, but as we were going back the the beginning, the same lifeguard was walking towards me, he grabbed my had gently and lead me to the men's changing rooms... I was completely shocked, but I could feel myself get wet, I never even noticed leaving my friends.

By the time we entered the changing room he was completely hard and ready to go. Not being able to resist we both started kissing passionately, and I lowered myself down to his cock, and I heard his groans as I sucked at it, after 5 minutes he pulled me up and slammed me against the door, and we fucked. That was my best fuck ever.

146. Man's Story: Give Him a Hand (7/20/03)

My sexy wife whom I am very fortunate to have loves to give me handjobs. She loves to see the look of pure delight on my face, apparently, and I of course do not mind at all. Her blowjobs, also, are heavenly. My favorite time when these two mixed was when we had just come in from swimming at the pool in our apartment complex. We were both cold from the water and the cool air, but we were both horny as hell (we had been seriously messing around in the pool), and we needed it bad. She took off both of our clothes, and her breasts were firm and perky from the cold, which turned me on even more. She sat down on the couch and stood me in front of her and took my member in her mouth. Oh god! My dick was so cold, and yet her mouth was so very warm, it was hot. I felt as though my third leg was being pulled through wet, warm silk. She sucked me until I almost came, then she laid down on her back on the floor, pulled me on top of her on my hands and knees, soaked her hands with baby oil, and gave me the best handjob she had ever done. I came all over her chest and her face. I took me a while to wind down from that one, and I will remember it until the day I die.

145. Woman's Story: On the Phone...In Person (7/20/03)

I met a guy on the internet. On the second night we were chatting things turned into a certain direction. He told me he was sitting in the living room with his PC, and that his brother could come home anytime. But we were so fucking horny that he started to stroke himself. And as he told me how hard he was getting I couldn't resist and started rubbing my clit (luckily I have my laptop in my room). He told me how he would lift up my shirt and kiss my nipples. I wanted to make him come so bad...and told him how excited I would get to rub his crotch and take out his hard dick and put it in my mouth...licking it from the bottom to the top, playing with his balls. He told me that he came all over his keyboard.

Then after just 4 days, we were so damn horny and exited about each other that I called him on the phone...and you can imagine what happened... When I could hear him breathing heavy...omg...I was getting so wet. He told me that he would kiss my tummy, heading to my pussy, kissing it and slowly eating it out. He said after doing that he would put me on the kitchen table and fuck me with all he had...knowing that I was touching myself totally turned him on..and imagining that my finger going in and out of my pussy was his dick made me so horny that I came, when he was telling me "I am going to cum".

We talked for a few months on the phone, but then decided to you can imagine we were super horny when we met. I knew that he didn't have a girlfriend for some time, so when I started to stroke his dick through his pants on the parking lot he got hard right away. As I got totally exited too, we decided to get into his car. I unbuttoned his jeans and touched his big cock, stroking it hard, while he was breathing heavy. I had told him before that I don't swallow, but the second he said he was coming I had put my mouth on his dick...all the time being afraid that someone would walk up to the car and see what we were doing. Jeez, how I loved the feeling of him being so horny and me being the one who made him cum so hard...

144. Man's Story: Park This (4/29/03) 

I work as a security guard for a public parking garage during graveyard shifts. It's normally pretty quiet but there's a bar a couple blocks down. A lot of people from that bar park in our garage, and when the bars let out we sometimes have some problems. One night, I was down by the street at the entrance to the garage keeping an eye on things when a trio of gorgeous girls staggered into view on the way to their car in the garage. Two were wasted and I guess the third was a designated driver but they were all hot as hell.

One was a short blond girl with striking features and huge tits. She looked like she was ready to fall out of her dress and she started coming onto me as soon as they got within earshot. I could smell the booze on her but she started rubbing up against me really tightly as the other two watched and laughed. She then whispered into my ear that she wanted to give me a blowjob so I pulled her over into a stairwell. She dropped to her knees and pulled out my dick, licking and sucking on it as I leaned back against the wall.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I pulled her up to her feet before digging a condom out of my wallet. She was giggling as I pulled the rubber on and then I lifted up her dress and slammed into her with all I had. She wrapped her legs around me as I pulled the top of her dress down so I could nibble on her tits. I came within minutes and so did she and then she left me there gasping as she pulled up her dress and went back outside to meet her friends. I never saw her again but every Friday I keep hoping she'll come back.

143. Woman's Story: Girl Interrupted (4/29/03) 

Campus was empty. The Friday before spring break everyone clears out, most importantly my roommate. When he walked into my room I was already wet. I shut the door behind him and began unzipping his pants, started jacking him off to get him hard. I pushed him into my roommates chair, lifted my skirt, and slowly lowered myself onto him. Starting off slowly, we soon worked into a rhythmic flow, allowing gravity to pull me down, thrusting his cock even further inside. We came together, hard and fast. As I screamed with glee, at the very moment of climax, the phone rings. "Hello? Its me. I left my scriptures on my chair. Could you bring them to me? I need them for church on Sunday." It was my roommate. Heh heh... little does she know.

142. Woman's Story: Nurse In the Dark (4/29/03) 

I work at a hospital and there is this male nurse who was always joking with me about any place any time.  The department I work in is closed on Saturdays so I asked him if he wanted to cum take a nap because he looked tired.

A few min. later he walked down without a word he came up behind me and pulled down my scrubs without a word just started fucking. He was wild and hard it was so exciting to be in the dark knowing at any time someone could come in.

Ever other Saturday we both sign up to work. We have tried every position without a word. We never talk he just puts his penis where ever he wants it and I mean it has been in my mouth , my ass, my cunt. Sometimes he puts it in more than one place. The more we are in the dark the better, it is it's like doing a stranger then going back to work.

Whenever I see him I get so wet knowing in a few days he is going to fuck me raw. We have been fucking for 6 months now and he gets better and better every time. I tell you being taken is the best turn on.

141. Man's Story: Girlfriend for the Night (3/11/03) 

We met at a party. I didn't have a date and neither did she so we became each other's date just to give us someone to talk to without busting in on other couples. We had a couple drinks and danced a little bit and pretty soon we were really hitting it off and I offered to give her a ride home since she probably shouldn't drive. She accepted.

Back at her apartment, as soon as we hit the door, she wrapped herself around me and we made out in the hallway. She lost her dress on the way to the bedroom and she had me stripped down as soon as we hit the bed. Her moth went to work on my cock in the best blow job I've ever experienced and then I had her breast in my mouth as I worked my fingers in and out of her wet pussy. She slid a condom on me and said she couldn't wait anymore so I plowed into her and we fucked with reckless abandon until I couldn't hold it anymore and I exploded with an AMAZING orgasm. She didn't cum the first time so I went to work with my mouth until she finally came herself. We fucked all night and have been dating ever since.

140. Woman's Story: Merry Christmas (3/11/03) 

My boyfriend had come over to help decorate the Christmas tree with me and my family. It was tradition for my family to make a big thing out of it and I really wanted him to be a part of it. Until late that afternoon we listened to Christmas songs and hung ornaments. After we were done the family began to watch a movie. I was lying on the couch with him lying in front of me, both of us on our sides.

Considering I have young siblings we had barely hugged all day so we were both really horny. With a blanket wrapped around us I slipped my hand around his waist and down his pants to grab his cock. As the movie played and my family sat all around us I jerked him off so good he actually came in my hands. The best part was he couldn't make a sound. I was getting quite uncomfortable in the tight jeans I was in, so I excused myself and changed into a pair of my brothers loose sweatpants.

When I returned to the couch I lied down in front of him, and he in turn rubbed my clit and pushed his fingers deep inside of me, pushing against my cervix. I've never wanted to scream louder in my life. Instead I bit into the pillow and waited for the movie to end. After it was over we headed back towards his house... I was driving. I was still wet and horny and then this song came on the radio that never fails to get me wet. Immediately I pulled off the highway and into the parking lot of a high school that I used to go to. Climbing into the back seat I pulled him on top of me. We ripped each other's clothes off and fucked like you wouldn't believe. I was practically screaming by the time I came, grabbing onto to his back with one hand and the seatbelt with the other. He came too and we just lay there for a minute, sweating and creaming all over the seat.

Out of no where this bright flash sweeps across my car. Bolting up we realized through the foggy windows that a security guard had spotted us and was walking towards the car. Still naked, I jumped into the front seat, started the car, and floored it, hoping I wouldn't hit him or anything else, considering I couldn't see through the steamy windows. On a back street just a few blocks away I pulled over and climbed back into the backseat where my boyfriend slowly dressed me again. I'll never think of tree trimming... or the back of my car... or, for that matter, my old high school the same way again

139. Woman's Story: Legal Education (2/20/03) 

I work for a mid-sized construction firm.  We have our own in-house legal department which is run by a very sexy single lawyer.  He and I have always had a good working relationship with a lot of repressed sexual energy between the two of us.  One afternoon about a year ago we were both scheduled to appear in a company meeting.  Not having had good sex in a long while I decided to have a "pre-meting conference" as a good way to get my satisfaction. 

I went into his office, locked the door and put my files down on the floor. He must have known I was up to no good because he slid his chair back from his desk far enuff for me to straddle him.  As I kissed his neck in silence he unbuttoned my shirt and played with my nipples.  I was already wet before even entering the office and this of course only made it worse! I slid down his 6'2" body and opened his pants to reveal a perfect sized very hard cock. 

As I sucked him off he came in my mouth with such force it only turned me on more. He picked me up and put my ass on his desk where he proceeded to lick suck and tease my clit till i came like i have never before.  He then slid into me for another 20 minutes of intense pleasure.  As he slid himself in and out of me he sucked and bit my neck and nipples.  When i felt him cum inside me i had yet another intense orgasm.  This began a very productive work relationship between the two of us.  We now have our own "conferences" at least twice a week in any available room.  Nobody has ever suspected our little trysts to this day.  I have never had better sex in my entire life. 

138. Man's Story: Girlfriend's Neighbor (1/15/03) 

My girlfriend's apartment unit is just across the hall from our lady friend's unit. I've known this lady friend since high school. She is cute but a little on the short side. She stood about 5 feet tall, with short hair and really, really nice and plump breasts.

I would stare at her body every time she would recite in class and daydream about how it would be like to fuck her in the ass! One night, after my friends and I had something to drink, I brought my girlfriend and my lady friend home. We were flirting all night at the bar and I was really hot after all that drinking.

My girlfriend wanted to sleep early because she had to wake up early the next day. I knocked at my lady friend's door. She answered the door with nothing but a big t-shirt on. She probably thought I was my girlfriend.

We already knew we were going to get some serious fucking done that night. I closed the door and started kneading her breasts. I pushed her down on the couch and lifted her shirt. I traced her breasts with my tongue and started licking both her nipples. I removed my pants and turned her around. I thrust my dick in her wet pussy. I have never fucked anyone so hard before. She was screaming and breathing heavily. She was begging me to fuck her harder. I came in her in no time. She proceeded to lick my dick clean.

I asked her if I can fuck her in the ass. She hesitated but after eating her pussy, she agreed. I started slowly, careful not to cause her too much pain. But after a few thrust, she pulled my ass into her, burying my whole dick in her. When I was about to come, I put my dick out and sprayed all over her face. It was my best fuck ever!

137. Man's Story: Taxicab Confessions (1/15/03) 

She was the best thing I had ever done. I had come back to New York after a business trip in Washington. Waiting for a cab this beautiful blonde walked up next to me. She was hot shit! While we waited we flirted back and forth. Finally, a cab came and stopped in front of us. Well naturally, we both got in and gave our addresses to the cab driver. Shutting the glass window pane, I realized that she lived a block away from me. We continued flirting for about five more minutes until she winked and slid her hands down my pants. Excited, I moved next to her so that one of her legs was right on top of mine. She unzipped my pants and gave me the best hand job I have ever had.

I felt myself harden and I turned horny. She seemed to sense that and told me it was my turn. Eagerly I swept her up onto my lap so that she and I were in the position of "dirty Santa" and lifted her skirt. To my pleasure, she had no panties on and I saw that she was hot and sticky. I needed to taste it and plunged into the sweet nectar making her groan with delight. Playfully I nibbled the hot sexy pussy until she yelled out "fuck me damn it! Fuck me til I'm dry!" Well naturally, I was a guy and an opportunity presumed. She grabbed my rock hard cock and shoved it into her pussy, making both of us moan in pleasure. We started humping like no tomorrow and pretty soon the cab driver tapped on the glass yelling for us to cut it out. Luckily, fifty bucks kept him quiet. We fucked like animals all the way to our houses. We never contacted each other again. Luckily, when I went home my wife didn't seem to notice anything wrong! :)

136. Woman's Story: Bus Ride (12/15/02) 

My boyfriend and I were on the way home from a school trip, and the ride was 6 hours long, so it was about 2 am. We had fun kissing and touching for a while, and then he took my hand and put it over his cock. I was so wet and horny. With his hand still over mine, I started squeezing it, feeling it getting bigger and bigger. Most people on the bus were asleep, so we quietly snuck into the bathroom of the coach bus.

As you can imagine, the bathrooms are quite small. We were kissing, and we slowly underdressed each other. Then he reached between my legs and rubbed my wet hot pussy, gently sliding 2 fingers in. I started moaning, and grabbed his stiff rod, which was leaking pre-cum. He sat down on the toilet, and he grabbed me by the waist towards him.

I lowered myself onto his hard throbbing cock. I was so wet by then and it was only a few minutes I had the most intense orgasm. My juices were dripping everywhere. I humped up and down slowly, that's how he liked it. But then he grabbed my waist and made me fuck him until my hips were grinding onto his. He whispered for me to fuck harder and deeper. Then he let his load fill me up. We got dressed, quietly snuck back to our seats, and cuddled the rest of the way home.

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