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314. Man's Story: Erection at Attention (12/31/04)

In 1951, I was sixteen years of age. I was attending military school near Biloxi, Mississippi. I shared quarters with a native Mississippian. On several weekend passes he invited me to accompany him to his home in a small town on the Mississippi-Louisiana border. He introduced me to his family. They were extremely nice and made me feel welcome.

It was my second visit to his home during a holiday weekend. His Aunt Rose was a beautiful woman approximately 35 years of age. She was spending the holidays with his family. My friend went out on a date, leaving me to fend for myself. Rose invited me to go in to the nearby town with her for dinner. Rose was married, her husband was in the Navy and was at sea.

She and I had dinner and were en route to my friend's house. We passed a drive in theater. Rose asked me if I'd like to see the movie "Tap Roots" starring Van Heflin and Susan Hayward. We had been parked a few minutes. Rose scooted over from behind the steering wheel. She unzipped my trousers and begin to play with my penis. It was the first time I experienced oral sex. Rose and I spent the evening taking turns going down on each other. She refused to let me have intercourse due to the fact I had no condoms. During the next several days we enjoyed oral sex several times at the house.

313. Man's Story: Hot Older Sister (12/31/04)

My best friend was a girl and we were just friends. She didn't want anything else between us, and it was hard because she was just so damn hot. But she had an older sister who was about 5 years older than I was. The sister was hot too - I mean, juicy ass, double D's and just gorgeous.

One day I was at my friend's house and she fell asleep and I noticed her sister so was home so I went downstairs to see what was up. I got downstairs and the sister was on the couch watching TV. She asked if I wanted to join her and I didn't hesitate. It was dark in the room and the only light was from the TV. I noticed while watching that her sister kept moving closer to me and my penis was getting harder each time.

I just remember staring at the TV and the next thing I knew she was making out with me passionately. By now my penis was bulging out of my jeans and she knew I was turned on, so she unzipped my pants and started to jerk me off for a while then started giving me head. It was the greatest thing in the world until I came all in her mouth.

After that she started taking off her clothes and I took off my pants and she got on top of me. Then we fucked each other with her big juicy double D's in my face and me sucking them as we went. After about a half hour we both were done and got clothed. I went back upstairs to hang out with my friend, who was still asleep, and the sister went back to watching TV. To this day every time I go to their house the sister always gives me a big smile. 


312. Man's Story: Love Thy Neighbor (12/22/04)

My girlfriend and I had just moved, but we still had the old apartment for another week. I spent a few days alone in the empty place steaming the rug and scrubbing the shower and stuff. One day when I was leaving I ran into our neighbor. I had always found her attractive. She was about 5'6" with short curly blond hair and burning blue eyes. Her body was the greatest I'd ever seen. Both breasts were a perfect handful and her nipples almost always showed through her shirt. And you could crack a safe on that ass.

As usual, I was thinking about what I'd like to do to her when she asked why she hadn't seen us around. I told her we had moved. We talked for a little while and it eventually came out that we had a mutual attraction for each other. I kind of jokingly dropped in that if we were to do anything now it wouldn't be weird because we'd never see each other again. To my pleasant surprise, she stared me right in the eye with an eyebrow lifted and said, "You're right."

I went home thinking she was just playing along. The next day when I went back, I actually got the balls to knock on her door. When she opened the door it was like my fantasy come to life. She pulled me into her apartment and we immediately began ripping off clothes. Right in the front hall she got down on her knees and started sucking my dick, which had been incredibly hard since the previous afternoon. I came pretty fast and she let the come run down onto my dick and balls.

She came up again and started to kiss me, and her body against mine made me hard again in moments. I pushed her to where I thought the bedroom would be but we wound up in the kitchen (our apartments are mirrored). We didn't care. She hopped up on the counter and wrapped her legs around me as I pushed into her moist pussy. She felt even better than I had hoped. She came twice before I was ready, then she got down and put her mouth on my dick as I shot a hot load into her throat. This time she swallowed it. Neither of us spoke a word the entire time. And I was right. It isn't weird.

311. Man's Story: Theatrical Blow Job (12/22/04)

A few years back, I was going out with a girl who I knew to be a slut. I quite honestly liked the girl, but the icing on the cake was her love for cock. One night, we had went to see Gladiator, and halfway through, things started getting a little heavy, with her directing my hand down her soft stomach and into her pants. Around this time I realized that it was no accident that we were sitting in the very back corner of the theater.

As soon as I touched her dripping wet pussy, she started to moan quietly. The theater was PACKED; I think the only empty seat was the one next to me (she was sitting next to the wall). While I was rubbing her clit, she leaned over, started licking my ear and told me she wanted my cock. I told her to go right ahead, as I maneuvered my right leg (the one facing the people sitting one seat away from me) so they had no real view of what was going on.

As I did this, she had already unzipped me and began licking the shaft of my cock. She switched to licking the head, then, just as I could take the teasing no longer, she started deep throating me all at once, bobbing up and down, really fast, then slow. Finally she just hovered, open-mouthed above my head while she jerked me off.

I was partially watching the movie, mostly so as to be inconspicuous to the people who WERE paying slightly too much attention to me, but anyway, I came very hard, some of which went on her face, a little into her mouth, and the rest momentarily soaring through the air, making a guest appearance (as I half saw) across Russell Crowe's face. The airborne cum inevitably succumbed to gravity, and I walked out of the theater with a slightly messy pair of pants, rewarded by a few stares. But that was still the best orgasm I have had to this day.

310. Woman's Story: Obsessed with Cocksucking (12/22/04)

I was obsessed with sucking cock during the winter, when I turned 19. But I only wanted the cock, and not a relationship--not even a friendship. I joined an online sex site, and found many many willing men who wanted head.

I went on a cocksucking rampage. I met up with over a dozen strangers in just the first month. It was so hot. I would contact them via e-mail. We would swap pictures, and schedule a meeting place. These were good looking men, with nice sized cocks. The ages ranged from 19 to 35. I lured them into my car, and I would make them feel my tits until I noticed the bulge in their pants. Most of them were shaved, which made deep throating much more enjoyable for me.

I had a routine with these men. When asked on the computer if I could deep throat, or do I swallow, I would say no. But when I met them in real life, I would have them put their hands behind my head and shove their dick all the way down my throat, and I would take the whole load in my mouth. It was so hot. It felt like a great achievement to make these hot jocks cum within 10 minutes. Anonymous cock sucking is wonderful.

309. Man's Story: Close Shave in the Hotel (12/22/04)

Me and my lover agreed to meet up in Phoenix for some time together, under the pretense of a business conference. We had met 8 years earlier and had a connection that was hard to break. We would only meet up once every year, or so but every time we got together it was like we never missed a beat. Our passion was always hot and intense.

On our first night in Phoenix we went out to great restaurant and liquored up on wine all night. We were kissing and were itching to get back to the hotel to embrace each other skin to skin. When we made it back to the hotel we stopped by the hotel bar to buy a bottle of wine for the room. My lover went to the restroom while I paid for the bottle.

When she came back she whispered in my ear to follow her. The women's restroom had a "closed" sign in front of it. She opened the door, and to my surprise there was a very plush powder room with velvet couches and everything. My lover began kissing me and pushed me on the couch while pulling up her skirt.

She was so hot, and I could feel how moist her pussy was through her panties. We began to grind bodies as we kissed intensely. All of a sudden a waitress walked in on us and started saying "NO, NO, NOT IN HERE - you have to leave!" We were pissed but I told my lover that we should go back to the room because I had a surprise of my own.

When we got to the room, we poured a bottle of wine as I told my lover to take off her clothes and lay on the bed. I took my tie and blindfolded her and tied up her hands on the bed posts. The lights were dim and she could only hear noises.

I had gotten the ice bucket and filled it with warm water - I had shaving cream and a razor. I proceeded to shave my lover's pussy while she was blindfolded and bound.... she was so aroused and begged to have me fuck her. Her pussy was so smooth that I gave her the best head ever. We fucked for hours. What a great night.

308. Man's Story: Sex on the Beach (12/22/04)

I had just turned 16 and my mom thought it would be cool to take me on holiday to the Dominican Republic. It was about half way through my holiday when a beautiful black girl called Carmen came to our hotel. I saw her in the pool and she had the most amazing ass. I thought she was easily 20. It turned out she was only 17.

My mom got talking to her dad one night and I got talking to her. She was from New York. Anyway we went for a walk on the beach and we were laying on sun loungers talking about nothing.

Next thing I knew she had straddled me and we started kissing. She was a great kisser. I unzipped my jeans and she started stroking my cock. I asked her to go down on me and she didn't need asking twice. After about three minutes I couldn't take much more. I was gonna blow my load in her mouth.

I lifted her skirt up, peeled away her damp panties and gave her a good licking. Her pussy juice was streaming all over my face. I could tell she was enjoying it from her groans. Then I stopped, climbed on top of her and entered her snatch, slow at first but getting faster.

We were going at it for 15 minutes, then I stopped, turned her round and without asking plunged into her big round ass. I came instantly and she quickly followed. I never saw her again after that but I must say that it was the best sex of my life.


307. Man's Story: Internet Three-Way (12/14/04)

My wife and I had been married a year and started playing around internet chat rooms. She started having some really hot chats with guys, telling them she was married and very horny. She is 5'6", 108 lbs, with 36C breasts and a nice ass. While she would type, she would just rock naked gently back and forth on her chair, and I would lick her trimmed cunt.

One day, as I licked her very wet pussy, the guy she was chatting with suggested he call her. She said no, but was intrigued. After we had fucked, I told her it was OK with me, but we had to call and use our cell phone. We were both horny in anticipation.

A few nights later we found another guy on line. My wife was wearing tight shorts, a G-string panty and a cutoff T-shirt. Damn she looked hot! She started chatting and told the guy I was with her. This turned him on. She suggested we call him. He agreed and she called. He asked her what she was wearing, what she looked like, how old she was (25), and said that he wanted to kiss her. Then he told her he wanted her to suck his dick, and she said yes.

At that point she was moving her hips on the bed back and forth and I started taking her shorts off. I moved the panties to the side and started to lick her very hot, moist pussy. When the guy heard her moan gently on the phone, he asked what was going on, she told him I was licking her cunt. He then asked if he could listen while we fucked, which she agreed to.

I licked her silly, and talked dirty to boot. I told her how much I loved licking her slutty cunt, that she was a fine slut, and that our friend on the phone should come over to fuck her too. I licked her more until she was close to orgasm...she then pulled out her vibrator and in 2 seconds was moaning loud in an explosive orgasm. I then put her on all fours and fucked her doggy style.

The guy told my wife he was beating his cock and then he wished he was with her to fuck her, to which she replied 'I wish you were here so you can fuck me like a dog!' I kept fucking her good...then I pressed her face into the bed, raised her ass, and pounded her pussy hard. The guy kept talking dirty to her, telling her she was a slut and that he would fuck her even better. He apparently came over the phone loudly and then I creamed in her in an incredible orgasm. Her cunt was wet like never before. He hung up. We did this a couple of times...maybe we should start doing it again!

306. Woman's Story: Dine and Dash (12/14/04)

My ex-boyfriend and I loved sex. I couldn't get enough of his cock! We loved to drive 45 minutes from our small town to a bigger town for dinner. We always picked a nice restaurant with the tablecloths that cascade down to give some privacy. We would ask for a table against the wall and loved the ones where you get a bench seat and they push the table up to you. We'd ALWAYS return to those places.

We'd sit very close together and share our food. Naturally, I'd unzip his pants early on. Yup, he always wemt commando for these outings. I could fondle his cock and balls the whole time while we shared food. I could jerk him off discreetly. Turn about is always fair play. I would always wear a skirt or dress without nylons. If I wore panties, I'd go the bathroom and remove them and bring them back.

Anyway, the time would come for no panties at dessert time. I'd feed him dessert while he would rub me and finger me. By this time, our eyes would both glaze. We'd zip him up, pay the bill and head to the parking lot. We'd park in a semi-private spot - not too near direct walkways to the restaurant and not directly under lights.

We lay the passenger front seat down and I'd jump in, remove all my clothes and lay down. He would unzip or pull his pants down some and just fuck like there was no tomorrow. It was exciting to see if people noticed walking by or thru the windshield. Sometimes we would switch positions and I would be naked riding him. Incredible orgasms for both of us. I miss that cock. Sigh.

305. Man's Story: Viva la Ass Francais! (12/14/04)

I once went to stay with my best friend in his house in France. He had this really hot sister who I desperately wanted to fuck, but I couldn't since she was his sister. We had been flirting for one or two days while I was there. Then that night she came into my bedroom while I was masturbating! I tried to cover up but she came over to my bed and started doing it for me!

I was so turned on. As she was giving me this unbelievable hand job, I slipped my hand down her tiny panties and started finger fucking her. With my free hand I took off her shirt. I then started to suck and nibble on her nipples. We had to keep quiet as her brother was next door.

After we both came, I got out of bed and placed her so that she was kneeling down with her body on the bed and her knees on the floor. This was the perfect position so I could ass fuck her and finger her at the same time. She came all over the floor and I pulled out and came over her back and ass. She quickly got dressed and left. We never spoke about that night to anyone.

304. Man's Story: Sweaty Fuck in the Van (12/14/04)

It was a hot summer afternoon and my girlfriend and I were driving home after a visit to a friend's house. I was driving my van and my girlfriend could see by the bulge in my pants that I was thinking of nothing but sex. She was telling me where to turn and so I barely realized it when we ended up in a dead-end neighborhood. We parked the van in front of a house and went to the back.

This was one of the camper vans with a seat that folds into a bed, so we got on the bed and I slowly undid her bra while fingering her pussy under her thong. I decided to tease her before shoving my now hard cock inside her wet pussy. I could feel how wet she was under her thong. As the desire to fuck increased we began to get excited and we began to sweat as it was a hot day. And we were working each other into a sexual frenzy.

I began playing with her tits as she undid my pants and felt my hard cock. All she could do was moan at the sight of it and she wasted no time in shoving it all inside her. I groaned as my hard cock sank deep inside her pussy. As we began to sweat, we only fucked faster, my cock deep inside her now dripping pussy. I wanted nothing more than to unload in her pussy.

As I was about to explode I unloaded all of my cum on her tits and she sucked me dry. Then realizing she wasn't done, I licked at her clit while toying with her rock hard nipples. She got so worked up that she screamed with ecstasy. It was the best sex we had ever had.

303. Woman's Story: He Took My Other Cherry (12/14/04)

My boyfriend and I were skipping school at his parents' house. We were making out and then he said if I won't give up my cherry to him, how about my other cherry. I knew what he meant. So I said if he made me cum (a new thing for me) I would let him. He agreed and he pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties off. He then licked and fingered me and I'm cumming in like 5 minutes.

So then I give him a bit of head then lie on my back while he rubs his dick on my slit. He spit on his fingers and slowly pushed one finger into my bum. I winced a bit, but I was OK with it. He then pushed the head of his cock in my ass. With my legs in the air I could look and see my pussy and feel his cock slide in my ass.

In two seconds he cums in me, but I told him not to rip it out too fast. In like two seconds more he was hard again and then he goes for like 5 minutes. It did start to feel good for me, and eventually I was able to orgasm from it. About two months later we had full on sex, but anal sex always stayed. We broke up a year later during our last year of school.


302. Woman's Story: Breaking in the Boy-Toy (12/04/04)

I can't tell anybody this because it's kinda bad, but it's driving me crazy! Last summer in August, I was napping on the sofa in our living room. I started having this dream. I can't remember exactly what was happening, but it was arousing me A LOT. Startled, I sat up quickly, breathing heavy (like I was running or something) and I was sort of making this humming noise.

Someone had their hands around my thighs, holding my legs apart, and their head under my tennis skirt. My mind told me "MOVE" but this felt so good I couldn't move (I was coming at the time but didn't know it). I jolted several times while gasping for air, then felt the orgasm subside.

By this time I knew who the person touching me was. It was a boy named Ryan. He is my brother's friend (he had a huge crush on me) and he comes over every day. He is actually kinda cute, but A LOT younger than me. I will be 19 in March.

As I was recovering from the intense climax I just experienced, Ryan nonchalantly crawled between my legs and tried to mount me (he was in these little boxers, with his hard-on poking out of the fly). I pushed him away. "What the fuck are you doing?" I said, trying to sound REALLY pissed. He started to say something, but I interrupted him. "Where did you learn that?" He told me he saw it in a movie on Josh's (his cute older brother) computer.

I didn't know why, but I actually wanted to let him fuck me. Just seeing the hungry look in his eyes when he tried to get on me really turned me on. "You wanna fuck me?" I asked. I don't know what I was thinking. He was practically staring down at my crotch. I spread my legs a little more and he climbed between them, immediately trying to poke inside me (missing).

I grabbed his dick, gently easing him in. He made a little "uh" sound then abruptly pushed forward and sunk up to his balls. He started humping me really hard, his arms wrapped around me, face in my chest. My hands were parting my knees as I let him pump violently. He wasn't huge or anything, so it didn't hurt a bit. Actually it felt really good (the first and only other time I'd had sex, the guy was REALLY big).

It wasn't the feeling of Ryan inside me as much as it was the dirty thought of letting him fuck me. After probably a minute or two I felt him slow suddenly and squirt his jizz up in my pussy. THAT made me SO hot, I started to climax again, but he pulled out too quickly for me to finish. Our little "sex smoothie" (as we call it now) drooled from my pussy and stained the sofa cushion.

This is probably way too long now, but anyway, Ryan and I continued having intercourse every day for 6 months until his brother started asking me out. I guess sometimes I just get bored with Ryan. I still let him get a "quicky" when he wants, though. Usually, after we've been fucking in my room, he tells everyone I was helping him with his homework. How original. We were in the mall last week and I rode him in a fitting room just to see how fast I could make him come in me. Less than a minute.

301. Man's Story: Bath and Blowjob (12/04/04)

I had been going out with this girl for about a week, but so far she hadn't let me fuck her. She was really hot, and I was thinking about fucking her whenever I saw her. Then, on Saturday night, she called me and invited me over to her place, promising 'a surprise'. I was really excited, and my cock was already hard when I arrived at her place.

I rang the doorbell and she opened it, wearing a semi-transparent nightie. She didn't ay a word, but just beckoned me inside. She turned around, and started walking up the stairs. I followed her, getting more aroused by the second. She led me to the bathroom, and bent over the bath. I could see her nice, round ass through her nightie. The bath was already run and she dropped the nightie and got in. I quickly stripped off and joined her.

"What do you want to do?" She asked me. "Suck me." I replied. I sat on the raised corner of the bath and made my cock available to her. She bent over it and started sucking it slowly. As she sucked it, she ran her tongue up and down my shaft. It did not take long before I felt that I was about to come. I told her to stop sucking and keep her mouth open. I came into her waiting mouth, spraying cum over her face and breasts. She swallowed all the cum in her mouth and pushed her tits up so she could lick the cum off of them.

We got out of the bath and into the shower, where we fucked each other and cleaned the cum of her tits. Since then, we have fucked at least every other day, and she still gives amazing blowjobs.

300. Man's Story: First Time Fucking a Chick in the Ass (12/04/04)

All parts of this story are true, and she doesn't know I wrote this (and I changed her name, so she probably won't ever.) On the Fourth of July after drinking with some friends I bumped into my friend Julie, a very cute petite blonde, who had been drinking like all of us. I hugged her and then told her she's gotta come to this party down the street with us, but she had other plans, since we didn't make it to the party.

After a little arranging we were soon in the back seat of her car with her jerking me hard while I played with her tits. After a minute or so of this she pulls down her pants and slides her wet pussy on my cock. That's when my teenage drunkenness takes over and I grab onto her hips and start slamming deep inside her hot snatch. After pounding into her for about 10 minutes she moves my hand so my fingers are right on her puckered butthole.

Knowing this could be my chance, I spit on my fingers and rub them on her tight back door before I slide one finger inside. This seems to really get her going because she's thrusting back on my cock hard now. I wiggled my finger around some to make room for the second finger, which I easily slid inside her loosening ass, causing a low moan.

I couldn't wait any longer to slide my hard cock up this girl's tight little asshole, so I slide my fingers out of her and grabbed my cock still wet from her moist pussy and pressed the head against her puckered butt. She knew what was coming and wanted it because she pressed against me forcing the head inside, then I waited and pushed more inside her causing her to moan again.

Knowing she wanted my cock inside her like a dirty whore I pushed hard until my balls were nestled against her ass crack making her moan and wiggle a little, which really got me fired up.  Immediately I started to slide almost all the way out and back in balls deep. I was in heaven! My first time fucking a chick in the ass was in a back seat of her car! And damn did it feel good!

I didn't know better, so I started to pump hard into her, which got nothing but encouragement. I was fucking this cute blonde's little ass so hard my cock fell out, but when I slammed it back in I could tell she wasn't new to this because I fit like a glove deep in her bowels. Thank god for the booze because I got the best out of it, fucking her ass hard for well into 20 minutes before I started to twitch and cum deep inside her, causing her to quiver and moan to what she said later was her third orgasm of the night so far. I kissed her, receiving a very passionate and eager kiss in return. Eager for what happened when we finally drove back to my place to do it all over again! Another night I won't ever forget.

299. Man's Story: Soaked with Cum (12/04/04)

A friend of my parents worked at the local steak house we frequented and she was about 6 years older than me and in a bad relationship. She was a frequent visitor to our house so we knew each other pretty well. As luck would have it, she was having some problems around her house and I was sent over to help her out. After I completed the task, we started talking and she revealed she had only been with one man in her life, and at 37 she was curious.

We talked and smoked a joint and I jokingly asked her what she thought about a younger guy like me. With that, she leaned over and and gave me a long French kiss, sending her tongue down my throat, and then said she thought I'd never ask. I licked and kissed and rubbed every inch of her body before I finally entered her with my very hard cock.

I fucked her doggy style, on her side and finally a couple versions of missionary position. We fucked for a solid hour non-stop and she never made any noise, so I was thinking I hadn't done her any good. I reached down to hold her ass up so I could penetrate her deeper and she had cum so much her entire ass was soaked.

I knew I had felt her contractions, but wearing a condom I couldn't feel her cum oozing out. She whispered to me not to hold back any more and let it cum. I pulled out, stuck my now naked cock in her and fucked her until I could hold back no more. I pulled out and came all over her. She since got married but has "cum" back many times, as she says I please her like no other.

298. Man's Story: Jogging Gets Me Hard (12/04/04)

People say that running is punishment, but usually the people who make the remarks know nothing, and have never discovered that running, at least for me, works like natural Viagra - it gives me a boner you could beat a donkey out of a quarry pit with.

One day my then girlfriend was visiting some friends in Offaly, southern Ireland, and I was lying in bed and reading the paper. I love blues, and I had a boozy, sexy CD on, when a knock came on the door and I saw it was Rita, the big-jugged, round-arsed, and very pleasant-looking girl from next door. Her hubbie worked round-the-clock shifts - too busy making money to live, and too intent on saving his stash for his fucking pension, to worry about satisfying his peachy wife. I decided to do the biz for him. I wasn't sure if she'd comply - but then I relaxed as she smiled, said she remembered my name, and I smelled vodka off her breath.

"That's a cool CD," she smiled. "I love blues . . . but y'know what I love even more?" I felt my snake stiffen at her words. Then she bent, opened her mouth, and closed it over the hot cotton of my boxers. Soon, the cotton was dark with her saliva. My cock was hotter than a nuclear reactor - and she wouldn't let me take it out to cool it. Jesus, it was so hot.

She pumped me through the shorts - licking, squeezing me with her lips, but all the while insisting that my prick remain imprisoned inside my Dunners Stores boxers. Without mercy, she pumped me till I came inside my shorts. I could've killed her for subjecting me to such torture. But I got my own back the next night, when she reappeared at my door again (my girlfriend was still in Offaly, listening to the stupid fucking problems of her dickhead relatives) and this time she blow-jobbed me to oblivion - OUTSIDE my shorts this time.

"You've been running, haven't you?" she said, when I'd returned the next day from a run along the seafront. I nodded. "Mmmmmmmm, you know I was." Since then, I've fucked her in every position imaginable - and some unimaginable. She waits, fingering herself in her flat, waiting for me to arrive back from my half-hour trots. And the bonus? She's got a brain, too, which gives us something to talk about when she wants to give her hard-working lips a cool-down - and you know how important a cool-down is after you've been working out hard . . .


297. Woman's Story: Back Seat Secret (11/15/04)

My boyfriend and I were headed to his place for spring break, only neither of us had a car. So his parents picked us up (in a small car, no less) for the 4 1/2 hour ride home. We'd been cuddling in the back seat for awhile, and he started to sneak a fondle of my breast occasionally. We weren't far into that long car ride before he was rock hard.

Attempting a bit of privacy, we put a pillow over his lap and I teased him through his blue jeans. Still, I never thought he would actually attempt anything more with him mom in the front seat. I was shocked when he reached down and silently unzipped his pants, and out popped his erection. I may have been shocked, but I was also incredibly turned on!

With just a pillow to hide us, I gave him a hand job. We couldn't make noise or make faces. After he came, I cuddled up next to him under a blanket and fingered myself, making it last for most of the rest of the ride home. His parents never noticed.

296. Man's Story: Cum Splattered on the Windshield (11/15/04)

I was secretly seeing a girl at work. She was very short and a little pudgy with huge tits. I'm not sure the cup size, but they were at least the size of cantaloupes. We both had roommates, so we decided to go to a drive-in movie after work. We were both really horny, and kept kissing and groping every time the car stopped at a light. I didn't think we were going to make it, but at last we arrived. We parked in a spot as far away from the other cars as possible.

She pulled her shirt off over her head, and her tits were just bursting out of a black bra. She moaned excitedly as I cupped her tits with my hands and licked at the nipples through her bra. She helped me unfasten her bra, then I greedily sucked her big brown nipples. She kept moaning, "Yes, Yes!" over and over. When I paused for a second, she grabbed one of her huge tits and pushed it up toward my face, urging me to suck the nipple again. I must have played with her tits and sucked her nipples for more than half an hour. Later, she told me she had cum just from the sensation of my mouth on her nipples.

I was really horny, so I asked her if I could fuck her tits. To my surprise, she gladly agreed. We moved to the back seat of my car (which took a lot of maneuvering) where she lay on her back. I straddled her stomach and slid my rock hard cock in between her breasts. Her tits completely engulfed my cock. I moved my hips back and forth, my ass moving back and forth against her stomach while my cock slid in and out of her cleavage. She squeezed her tits together really hard with her hands, increasing the friction. Her massive breasts jiggled to the rhythm as I fucked her was really an incredible sight.

As I got faster and faster, the car rocked back and forth really violently, so anyone nearby would have known exactly what was happening. Finally, I came. And came. And came. Stream after stream of hot cum shot out of my cock and all over her tits, neck, face, hair, and ALL OVER the back seat of my car. I couldn't believe how much I had was really kind of embarrassing. I remember the left side of her face was completely covered, there were streams and streams of white cum in her jet black hair, and cum had pooled in between her cleavage and neck. I gave her my undershirt to wipe the cum off as best she could, which I just threw out while she cleaned up more in the bathroom. I had to thoroughly clean the back seat the next day...there was even cum splattered on the windshield.

295. Woman's Story: Lesbian Lagoon (11/15/04)

I was vacationing with one of my good friends at a beach house in Mexico. We were both really horny and she suggested we go to town to find some guys to fuck. After looking for an hour or two we gave up and decided to walk back to the house on the beach in the dark.

As we walked we discussed sexual preferences and she stated she loved to experiment. All at once my pussy started getting really wet and hot. Even though I am straight I was really horny and decided to go for it. Right before we got to the house I pulled her down on top of me in the sand and we started making out.

I slid my hand down her jeans, under her thong and used two fingers to tease her clit. Finally I stuck three fingers into her wet, tight pussy. She gasped and immediately pushed her hips against mine. She frantically removed my shirt and started sucking my nipples, at the same time she unbuttoned my shorts.

She slowly moved down towards my pussy, licking my breasts and stomach. I want to scream "EAT MY PUSSY NOW!", but remembered we were on the beach and just moaned. As she slid her tongue in and out of me I writhed and shook in pleasure. I came hard and she swallowed my juices then licked my pussy dry.

Just as I was about to go down on her we heard footsteps coming toward us. She quickly grabbed the clothes and my hand and we ran naked up the beach into the house so we could finish what we started. It was the best sex I've had.

294. Man's Story: Happy Birthday Blowjob (11/15/04)

OK, so I was with this one girl for about six months now, and she was totally into having sex. We did it all the time, at her house, at my house, in the car, wherever. But she flatly refused to suck my dick. No matter what, she was dead against it. I loved fucking her and all, but getting head is different. She also has these beautiful, big brown eyes and I always fantasized about her sucking me off.

Anyways, on my birthday, we were at dinner. She said as a present she would do anything I wanted. She particularly stressed the word "anything" and began sucking on her straw to emphasize the point. I was so turned on then because I knew what was going to happen at home.

We drove home, and she was stroking my dick the whole way (she never had a problem with hand jobs). So we got to my apartment, went upstairs, and quickly tore each other's clothes off while making out. When she asked me what my present would be I thought what the heck, I don't wanna pressure her. I asked her to strip for me, then give me a lap dance and finish with a hand job. She smiled and said "OK".

I have to say, she was awesome at stripping. She had a bangin' body and she sure as hell knew how to use it. She finally was down to her thong and bra, at which point she started giving me a super lap dance. I was so hard I could've burst in my pants right then. After realizing how big my boner was, she got off and unzipped my pants.

Closing my eyes, I awaited her soft hands to begin pumping my cock. However, when I felt the soft, warm feeling of a mouth on my cock, I was filled with ecstasy! I looked down at her beautiful face and it was just how I imagined it. She wasn't that good at it, because she obviously didn't practice, but it was amazing just because she never did it before. Her tongue was on my head, and she was deepthroating my dick... it was awesome.

I came within minutes and she swallowed every last drop of cum I had. After, she said that she loved sucking dick and had no idea it was so fun. That night, we ended up having sex many times, and I got three more blowjobs. Since that night, she sucks my dick every chance she gets!

293. Woman's Story: Pool Party (10/28/04)

It started off on a hot summer night. Me and one of my friends went to her boyfriend's house to go swimming. An hour later my boyfriend showed up. We all started to get a little hot and decide to separate so we can all have some fun. My friend and her boyfriend went into the pool house while me and my boyfriend stayed in the pool.

My boyfriend swam up close to me and started kissing my neck and started to rub my nipples. They were hard as a rock, due to all the excitement. We start to make out heavily and then he pulled me closed to him. I could feel his hard cock poking me through his swim trunks. I reached down and started to stroke his dick. As he sucked on my nipples he took the bottom part of my swim suit off. He started to rub my clit and then he went under water and started to suck on my clit. I could feel his tongue go in and out of my pussy.

When he came up from the water he slipped his hard, throbbing cock into me. He start to fuck me so hard and fast I could not control myself. I must have been moaning pretty loud, 'cause when I jerked my head back in pleasure, I saw my friend and her boyfriend watching us from the balcony of the pool house. They were so turned on and hot that her boyfriend was fucking her from behind, as they both continued to watch us.

This turned my boyfriend on even more so much that he pulled me to the steps of the pool so they could get a better view. And he started to pound me even harder than before till I came. He then shot his big load all over my stomach and breasts. Soon after my friend and her boyfriend finished. As we all lay there in complete pleasure we all looked at each other and smiled. Till this day that was the best orgasm I ever had.

292. Man's Story: Busted Condom (10/28/04)

The first time my girlfriend gave me a blow job it was very uneventful. She told me it was her first time and by the way she did it, I could tell. I did not enjoy it at all.

But the next day she went down on me without me even asking her. She unzipped my pants and started jacking me off. We were in my truck. She then started sucking my dick like a pro. I was shocked.

She was wearing a mini-skirt. I could see that she had her legs spread wide open. When I touched her pussy, it was soaked. I pulled her panties aside and started fingering her. I could not believe how wet she was. As soon as I stuck my finger inside her she began to moan and suck my dick harder. She loved it.

After a few minutes she asked me to fuck her. I put a condom on and turned her over on the seat and started to fuck her as hard as I could. After a few minutes I felt the condom rip. I thought she was going to stop me but she started moaning even louder. So I fucked her harder until I came inside her. That was the first time she ever got fucked without a condom and she loved it.

291. Man's Story: Dressing Room BJ (10/28/04)

I got my first public BJ when my girlfriend and I were out buying me a pair of jeans in one of the major department stores -- Sears, Penny's, Boscov's, etc. I went into the fitting room and tried on the first pair, a second, etc., each being too big or too small.

After a bit, the girlfriend simply brought back a handful and I started trying them on one after another, and instead of me going outside of the fitting room, she came in to check them out. Needless to say, a bit of touching here turned into some stroking there, and eventually some intense sucking.

Visually, with the multiple mirrors in the fitting room, I couldn't have asked for more--well, except to blow my load. I didn't as too much traffic was going through the fitting room at the time. However, she finished me in the car, which wasn't new as we had done that multiple times before, but was still was quite enjoyable.

290. Man's Story: Anal Training (10/28/04)

My wife and I had been married for a while and so to liven things up I thought I would order a sex toy. I went to a local store and found an anal training kit. I always wanted to do anal, but my wife never let me. The kit had three butt plugs that went from small to large and two set of anal beads, small and large, and some anal lube.

I waited until my wife and I went out to a party with some friends and had a bit too drink. When we got home I went down on her. I had hid the kit under the side of the bed. I took the small plug out and put a little lube on it. I made sure to let my tongue go down a little and get her butthole nice and wet and then slid the plug up and in.

She immediately went into a huge orgasm. Afterwards, she looked down and said, "Do it again." We ended up trying all of the kit that night. She said the big anal beads are the best. We now have gquite a few toys in our bedroom.

289. Woman's Story: He Sprayed All Over My Nipples (10/28/04)

I had a bad accident and broke my ankle and had to go back to my parents home to stay. Me and my boyfriend used to be frequent in terms of our sex sessions, but the accident had just stopped everything. So one day when he dropped by to see me, we both went up on the terrace on the pretext of chatting.

While there, me and my boyfriend got really hot. He started rubbing my nipples, sucking and biting them and I could see his bulge. I was wet even before I could think of doing something naughty.

Immediately, my boyfriend picked me up and made me sit behind the water tanks on our terrace. We undressed like we were on fire. It was an awesome sight to see his huge cock, all dark red with excitement. I knew that I had to take his cock in my mouth that moment. I sucked on his cock with all my juices flowing, and he grabbed my nipples and slowly started rubbing on the tips.

The excitement doubled as we realized that someone could come up anytime. I went on sucking on his cock amidst our giggles. Before I knew, he spread my legs and started to tease me, his cock just barely touching my cunt...going back and forth again and again. I just had to pull his cock into me. He went on thrusting himself inside me harder each time I moaned.

It must have lasted a while. We both came and he sprayed his load all over my nipples. We do this to date even now....whenever we have the chance to sneak behind the water tanks. My nipples go hard every time I think of the scenes.

288. Man's Story: Sexy Aunt (10/28/04)

I just turn fourteen. It was June of 1945, and my older brother was returning from War, in the South Pacific. My folks had collected enough Gas Stamps from friends and relatives to drive to New Port News, Virginia, to pick up my brother. My Aunt Stella had agreed to take care of me while my parents were gone. She pick me up in her 1937 Ford, and drove to her place in Southern Indiana.

Stella's husband was away in the Army. Aunt Stella was a pretty woman. She mostly wore cotton house dresses. I finished my shower and was standing nude when Stella walked in to the bedroom she'd assigned to me. She glanced at my penis, smiled and said "looking good". I hurriedly dressed in my pajamas and followed her to the parlor. We listened to several programs on the radio.

My aunt had fallen asleep on the couch. Her robe was open and her large breasts, with big brown nipples were hanging loose. I could see her black pubic hair beneath the thin panties she was wearing. My penis got hard immediately. I stood up to go to my room and my penis popped out of my pajamas.

Stella's eyes fluttered open and she stared at my erect penis several seconds. She got off the couch, took me by the hand and led me to her bed. She said, "What we are about to do is against the law, and if you tell anyone I could be sent to prison, so never tell anyone."

She instructed me to undress and get on the bed. I remember I was shaking and nervous, my total sexual experience consisted of mutual masturbation with a neighbor girl in my tree house. I lay on my back on the bed and Aunt Stella climbed on the bed. She took my penis in her hand and began to stroke it. She put it in her mouth and I came hard.

She taught me how to perform oral sex on her and several sexual positions. It was early the following morning when we slept. I spent a week at Stella's learning the many ways to please a woman. Aunt Stella's husband, Uncle Claude, never returned from the war. Over the years, I had sexual relations with Aunt Stella and enjoyed each encounter.

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