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412. Man's Story: Bucking at the Rodeo (7/8/05)

Me and my girlfriend of 6 months and her brother decided to go to a rodeo one day. My girlfriend was wearing a denim mini-skirt and a plain white undershirt. The drive was about an hour and a half away and since we didn't know the way, I had to drive my mother's SUV with a navigation system.

When we got to the rodeo, my girlfriend was extremely horny. The entire time we were there, she kept rubbing my cock through my pants, and my hands were rubbing the inside of her thigh. Then she looked at me with a very sexy look on her face and whispered in my ear, "I am extremely turned on right now, and I want you inside of me."

I told her brother she needed something out of the car. When we got there, we hopped in the back seat and started kissing furiously. I removed her shirt and bra, and sucked on her perky tits. She proceeded to unzip my pants and pull out my rock hard cock, then started to give a great hand job. Before I burst my load, she stopped and pulled my pants all the way off. She hiked her skirt up and straddled me in my mom's backseat!

She grabbed the back of the seat for support as she started to bounce up and down on my dick. Her tits were jumping around in my face, which really turned me on. I loved feeling her pussy juices running down my legs. After about 45 minutes of screwing in the car, we finally stopped.

We got out of the car, still straightening our clothes, and started walking back to the rodeo. But her brother was already walking back to the car. I don't know how much he saw, but whatever he saw, he sure did get a show!

411. Woman's Story: Wet in My Bathing Suit (7/8/05)

It was the middle of summer and he came over to my house for dinner. We spent the better part of the evening swimming. Before dinner, we went into my room for a change of clothes. We couldn't keep our hands off of each other and I found myself under him on my bed. We were still in our bathing suits. My door was open, my parents were down the hall.

He began kissing me and moving his hands down my body. I moved my foot up his leg and found his nice hard cock. I teased him with my foot as we continued to make out. He teased me too. He kissed my neck while squeezing my breasts. He stopped for a moment and smiled, and moved down to my wet pussy. He pulled my bathing suit aside and begin kissing so gently.

I could feel the heat in me rising as I began to get even more wet. He licked my clit and then began probing his tongue deep inside my pussy. I began to shake as he alternated between fingers and his tongue. I began to moan. He silenced me so that my parents wouldn't hear the pleasure their daughter was receiving.

I began to thrust which made him lick harder. I began to cum and he sucked harder. I suppressed my screams. After I came once he stuck his finger in me and made me cum again. That was a dinner I'll never forget.

410. Woman's Story: Making Out and More (7/8/05)

We were just making out at first, and then he decided to take me home. I just ended up spending the night at his house and the TV was on in his room. We were slightly tired and just snuggled for a while. The TV was muted, and the lights were off as we were sitting there making out for like 10 minutes.

He was really muscular and dark, and all he was wearing were his boxers. I was undressed and then he slid them off too. We were heavily making out as he got on top on top of me, and he entered me slowly. It was my first time and we began to make slow love. He kept asking me things like, “Does it hurt?” and other stuff like, “Are you OK with this, and can I touch you here?” and of course, I shook my head and we proceeded.

We started at a slow pace, but things sped up and we were at a good rhythm. We were at it for almost 3 hours just licking and sucking, and were fucking for an hour and a half. I was moaning softly and tried so hard not to because his parents could have woken up. So I covered my face in a pillow for a while. Then we took a small break and he just held me to him.

We were then ready for a second round and decided to have a little more fun. With the excitement of knowing his parents were in the next bedroom over added to our fun. As we lay there kissing he was fingering my clit and playing with my pussy lips. My legs were spread open. I got up and sat on his lap, facing the other way as I handled his smooth round dick. I was concentrated on his cum spurting out slowly and I began to swallow it.

I turned around and we were feeling each other up as he played with my wet pussy again. I had cum all over him and vice-versa. He finally went into me again and blew a load that felt so good. I was pouring out juices all over him. We fell down with him still in me and still slightly hard and we just cuddled for a while. We rocked back and forth until I fell asleep with him still in me.

I don’t know what happened in the morning when I woke up, but all I know is that when I went into the kitchen his parents were giggling at us a little. Or course they knew what we did, but they didn’t know how good we did and how long it lasted. The next day I was a little sore but I didn’t want to give up and just quit now. I was still a little horny and he was too, so we continued the same day and it was great.

409. Man's Story: Overhyped BJ (7/8/05)

It was a late night and I was chilling with my brother and one of my homies. At about 11:00 this chick from around the way came through. We all knew about her dick sucking skills, so I already planned on getting my dick sucked by her.

We rode around for a while before she decided to let my partner drive. She jumped in the back with me and began beating my dick. After she did that a while, I started playing with her nipples. I was only 17 at the time and she was at least 22 or 23, but anyway it was a school night and my boy said he wanted to head home for the night, so we dropped him off and my brother drove to our house.

We made it home and he went on in the house leaving us outside alone. I wanted her to suck my dick so bad that I began sliding it across her lips saying, "Go on ahead and do that for me," but she bullshitted me for a while then said check this. She placed a little kiss on the head and said, "Alright, I'm finished."

By this time I was so sexually frustrated that I said, you are going to have to give it some tongue or something, so she said, Alright check this out, and gave it a little tongue, then a lot of tongue, and  then took it in her mouth. Shit, I thought it was going to be one of the best blowjobs I ever had.

Man, please, she had no skill at all. She just put her mouth on my shit and moved her head up and down, so I said alright and began beating my dick while she was going through the motions. Finally I built up a mountain of cum and shot it all in her unsuspecting mouth. She was so unprepared that the only thing she could do was swallow all of my cum.

408. Man's Story: Let's Go Slow (7/8/05)

I met this girl at a disco one night. She was the typical blonde cheerleader type. After a few rounds of shots we started making out, which turned to dry-humping each other. I invited her back to my place, but she was scared. She said she hadn't been with a guy in two years. I said "Let's just go slow and see what happens."

When we got to my small bedroom we both stripped off our clothes and hopped into bed. She was nervous but passionate, kissing and caressing, and shaking like a leaf. I kissed my way down her body, slowly, until I was breathing on the soft tufts of hair above her pussy. I delicately licked and fingered her as she squirmed and cooed. Then she tensed up, locking my head between her legs, and soaked my face.

I asked her if she was ready, and without a word she grabbed my cock and inserted it inside herself. I tried to ease in, but even with all the lubrication she was very tight. We had to stop a couple times while she relaxed, but she wouldn't stop until she had it all. After a few short strokes we had a nice strong rhythm going, turning into an absolute pounding. I noticed that her legs were spread so wide that each foot was only inches away from my bedroom walls.

Chests heaving and covered with sweat, we both finally achieved our climaxes, hers first, then mine, all over her flat stomach. Soon we fell into a deep sleep. Around dawn I awoke to kisses on my neck and face. I could tell she wanted to go another round. "Get me hard," I whispered, as I pushed her head down towards my crotch. Tentatively, she licked and nuzzled my dick, exploring with each lick until I was rock hard.

She straddled me and said that she wanted to try it on top. But she was not as moist as before and had to stop. She said, "Sorry but this isn't working." She got out of bed, grabbed my robe, and ran out of the bedroom. She reappeared in two minutes with her purse that she had left in the car. She pulled out a bottle of hand cream and slathered a handful on my cock. Then she threw off the robe, and started to mount me again.

She was inexperienced but eager, leaning forward and back to find the right fit. She couldn't get comfortable and wanted to stop. I rolled us over grabbing her ankles and putting them over my shoulders. I drove into her with strong powerful thrusts reaching bottom over and over again. She came twice, the second time clawing my back, urging me on. We continued making love, stopping for naps for the next 24 hours. When she left she thanked me for our little honeymoon.

407. Man's Story: Overtime Office Fuck (6/28/05)

My wife came home one night to tell me that some of the girls in her office were having sex with their boyfriends or husbands at work. They would apparently fuck in the office when they were being picked up after they did their rostered overtime on Saturday. She was keen to try this too, even though we are both a bit older than the others who were doing this!

About a month later it was my wife’s turn to do the weekend and I went in to pick her up. She was at her terminal when I walked in and there was no one else there. I kissed the back of her neck and sucked at her while I ran my hands around the front of her blouse and rubbed her tits. Then I pulled the shirt up and undid the bra and got my hands right on them and played with her nipples. This really got her attention, maybe more than it usually did.

She stood up and sat on the next desk, which had no computer, and I pushed her back so she was lying down. I sat on the chair, pushed up her skirt and pulled her panties off. I picked up her big butt and pulled her to the edge of the desk, spread her thighs and gently licked her pussy, which was already very wet and puffy. I put two fingers in her while I licked and sucked her clitoris and then I used both hands and my tongue. She came twice before I stopped, my face sopping and no doubt smelling very nice.

She was gasping and puffing. I sat on my heels on the floor with my cock straining and called her down. My wife scrambled off the desk, hiked up her skirt and straddled me, impaling her saturated pussy straight on my cock and pulling my face to her tits. We bucked and strained like wild people and in a matter of a couple of minutes I came in a huge gush of semen as she ground herself heavily straight down. It was the most energetic finish we’d had for a while and it took a few minutes to recover. We tidied up and left shortly after.

406. Man's Story: First Time Freaking (6/28/05)

I was really keen to have sex for the first time so I set up with my friend to have sex with his housemate (who he was banging at the time), but he didn't really expect me to go through with it. I used to hang around their place and one night I offered her a massage and we went to her room with my unsuspecting friend sitting in the lounge.

I was rubbing her back and she was laying on her front. She took her T-shirt off for better access. After a while I slipped my hands around her beautiful body and started massaging her large breasts. She turned over with erect nipples, looking excited and I undressed her. She spread her legs exposing a lovely brunette bush and juicy pussy. I ripped off my clothes and rolled a condom onto my hard 7-inch erection. We began to fuck, changing positions regularly. I had been waiting for this.

Then my friend walks in and exclaims in surprise at the sight of us entwined together doing it doggie style. But he soon gets naked, and started masturbating while watching us to get an erection. He and I took turns to have sex with her. She was loving the attention of two boys. He suggested that I do anal sex and he vaginal sex at the same time and she is into it, but I said no, it wasn't what I wanted.

I was having trouble cumming with the condom on so we decide to take it off and take the risk as she is on the pill. It felt fantastic and within a couple of minutes I exploded inside her. It felt great sexually but overall it felt a bit dirty. Oh well, everyone has to have a first time and that was mine.

405. Woman's Story: Not Too Drunk to Fuck (6/28/05)

It was the night of a formal dance, and I had gone with my ex-boyfriend from crew. We were still friends, but I broke up with him because he wouldn't put out (surprisingly enough). Anyways, after the dance, me and him, along with another couple and a friend went back to his house to drink in the basement. We all got drunk, and the other couple started fooling around.

I had to go to the bathroom but I couldn't stand. My ex helped me stand and walk to the bathroom with his arm around me. When I was done, I pushed him up against the wall and started kissing his neck. He was surprised, but took me upstairs to his room. As we passed the living room, we saw that his best friend was asleep on the couch next to his room.

He pushed me down on the bed and started kissing my neck and ears, which I love. He asked me if there was anything he could do to me, and I told him to go down on me. I expected to have to guide him, because he was a complete virgin (he hadn't done anything but kiss), but he was completely amazing at it! He brought me to an orgasm, and I brought him up for air to taste myself on his lips. He took off his pants and I straddled him, slowly stripping off my shirt and bra for him. He raised his hips to meet mine as I played with my clit.

As it got hotter, he sat up and played with my nipple ring with his tongue. Soon I was begging him to fuck me from behind. He started slamming into me, and I was in ecstasy. He held my hips and rammed into me like a pro. He asked me where I wanted him to finish. I told him to jerk off onto my stomach. Watching his face as I played with my tits and my clit for him was the most erotic thing ever. He came on my stomach, and I licked it off my fingers. He kissed me afterwards, and I fell asleep in his arms completely naked.

404. Woman's Story: Shop Till You Drop (6/28/05)

I wanted to go shopping because there were some really good sales. I wanted to get a cute skirt! This was a closing sale so there was a dressing room in the back that not many people used, so I had my boyfriend go in with me. All of a sudden my boyfriend gets this look on his face and I know what he is thinking.

I had the skirt on that I was trying on when he grabbed me and sat me on top of him. I rubbed my now wet pussy against his hard bulging cock over his clothes. I unzipped his pants and and pulled his hard cock out. Then I pulled my panties to the side and slid his super hard dick into my super wet pussy.

There was one person in the dressing room, so I was trying to be quiet. I straddled him while he was sitting in the chair. It was so good and even more exciting because we were in public. Although he didn't cum, I came so hard and my pussy was drenched. I did end buying the skirt!!

403. Man's Story: Enjoy the Show (6/28/05)

One night, when I was still in college, I IMed one of my friends from across the hall to ask if she had the notes from today's discussion. Luckily, she did, and told me to come over to her room and get them. When I came in, her roommate was sleeping in her bed, so we were sure to be quiet. She led me by the hand over to her computer where she gave me the notes. Just as I was leaving, she asked me if I wanted to watch TV for a while.

I obliged, and after a few minutes of Wheel of Fortune, she changed it to a porno. Not suspecting this at all, I looked over at her. She turned and winked at me, before sliding over and start rubbing my leg. I can definitely take a hint, so I silently unzipped my pants, letting my hard rod pop out. Her eyes grew wide at the sight of it, and she reached over and grabbed it hard. I grabbed her hand and started to move it up and down my shaft, but that wasn't enough for her.

She stood up, and walked in front of me, kneeling between my legs. Then she started to suck. Knowing that we were both definitely aroused, I reached around her back, and deftly popped open her bra. She gasped, but then understood and pulled off her shirt. Her black lace bra fell to the ground, uncovering huge, shapely breasts. I fondly rubbed them, slowly at first, but then faster and harder. By this time she started to moan, and fell backwards onto the rug.

I took my chances and followed her down, sticking my face between her legs. Before she could react, I was eating her out, softly tracing my tongue around and around her clit. She turned over and bent over after removing her short lime-green skirt. Another black lace item of lingerie awaited me, and I slipped it right off, and then proceeded to fuck her doggy style. Right after I came, we heard the couch move. We looked to find her roommate staring at us with wide eyes. I hope she enjoyed the show!

402. Man's Story: Bend Over Boyfriend (6/10/05)

Well, this may sound odd, but it is true. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but one night I was with my girlfriend and we started talking about anal sex. Later, as we were fooling around, she began to play with my ass. As she was doing this, she began to penetrate me. I was like, whoa! Being as straight as straight can be, I was unsure as to what I should do. On the flip side, I'm very adventurous and I thought what the hell. So, long story short, she ended up using her vibrator on me. I liked it a lot. I didn't get this great feeling from it, but the feeling that I got was very nice. I guess is was just the idea of her having control over me that I liked very much.

After a few times of that we decided to get more adventurous. We had read up on few articles about anal sex and then we decided to try it. So once we worked up the courage, the two of us went to the local porn store and decided to buy a strap-on. We went shopping together and decided on a purple one. Man, it was fucking HUGE!

At first I was very nervous about trying to take all of it, but she was very gentle with me. We tried it out a few times and it went OK, but we didn't get too far. Then one time we got out of control. We got way out of control, or should I say, I let her take total control.

I showed up to see her and after I got there I went down on her. She told me to do her for about 15-20 minutes to get her wet and sloppy hot. After she was horny as hell, she lubed me up, strapped on her massive unit, and then proceeded to ease her way into my tight ass. At first it was slightly painful, and though she was gentle it still kind of hurt. Even though there was pain, I wanted her to take total control and not stop. Lucky for me, she is that kind of girl.

She tied my hands up to the her bed and bent me over, sliding her massive cock in and out. After she had got me good and loose, she proceeded to pound me as fast as she could. She was sliding in and out has hard as she could. Sweat was running from her face as she gave me all of the cock she had strapped on. She was pounding me so hard that I couldn't even breathe. After I let her slam me for about 45 min (or should I say, I enjoyed a good 45 min pounding from her) we finally relaxed.

It was definitely a new experience for me. Don't me wrong, I am as straight as they come, but what a fucking ride! We enjoyed this experience a few more times, and still talk about it. I enjoy taking all of her and she definitely enjoys being the on the giving end of a good slamming!

401. Man's Story: Sex on the Beach (6/10/05)

My friend and I went to this bar in hunt for women. In the last 2 days we were out of luck. Going in, we went directly to the bar to have some beers and after a while there was this chick alone drinking and my friend was insisting that she was looking at me. After some time my friend made me go and talk to her. We went dancing for a couple of songs, and it was very crowded, I could feel her breath against my ears, and the way she grabbed me said it all, this girl wanted me.

We started making out, and moments after that were walking to the beach and talking. She told me she was leaving the next day to go back to Australia. When we got to the beach I just started kissing her, and we both dropped ourselves down into the sand. I could feel her B-sized breasts with very hard nipples. We took off all of our clothes in an instant. We were on top of each other, and after some more kissing I started moving my hand down.

I started fingering her wet, warm pussy. She started moaning and at the same time she was jacking me off. After a while like this she said, "Please just fuck me," so I started getting into her. I slapped her wet hot pussy with my cock and fucked her so good. About 5 minutes later I felt someone walking in the beach. I looked back and saw a guy walking, but I just kept concentrating on her pussy. I had a very fast rhythm going. Ten minutes after I saw the guy walking, I looked behind me and there he was, looking at me fuck her. I came after her second orgasm, after which we just lay on the beach for a while. The smell of sex was all over us.

400. Man's Story: Hot MILF Pussy (6/3/05)

I was 23 and was at a friend's house. They were going out to dinner and then to come back to their house to play cards and get drunk. I said "Thanks, but I don't have a date," and they said, we have a date for you. Well, this lady was 42 years old, average looking but a good body, and had that aura about her that said "I like to fuck," so I figured what hell. She was about 5'5, 125 pounds, light brown hair, green eyes.

We had dinner, and got back to my friend's place. We had a few drinks, got a bit tipsy and my friend and his wife headed to bed, leaving me and this older vixen alone on the couch. We talked for a while and then I planted a kiss on her. Her reply was, "That's more like it, honey!" She took off her shirt, and I removed her bra. Her tits were small, and sagged a bit, but better than I expected on a 40-something woman with twos.

She took out my cock and grabbed it tightly, and took off my shirt. I then pulled her pants off revealing her hairy pussy. Having been with mostly college chicks who shave everything but their eyebrows, I hadn't seen a pussy with a full bush in a while, and I loved it. She sat on my face as I began to lick that cunt. She tasted wonderful. I started sucking her larger-than-average labia, working her good. She came hard but I kept licking.

She jumped off and said, "I need your cock in me," and lowered her pussy onto my cock. I asked, "Do you have protection," and she replied, "Don't worry honey, I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago." Her pussy was the wettest pussy I have ever had my dick in. She rode me like a pony, and I came within a minute. I was a tad embarrassed that I had come so fast, but I kept shooting my spunk into her for a good minute. We fucked a few times after that.

399. Woman's Story: Stealthy Backseat BJ (6/10/05)

It had been a great relaxing weekend with my boyfriend. We had driven up and met his parents and sister at their cabin. The entire weekend had been nothing but fun and loads of sexual tension as we didn't get much time to ourselves. Finally the weekend was over and we were ready to head home...only his sister had taken our vehicle back home because she had other obligations, so we had to ride home with his parents in their truck. That was fine with us.

The drive itself wasn't too awful long, but we left rather late at night so everyone was tired. His mom was sound asleep in the front passenger seat in no time, and his dad was listening to the radio and had tuned us out. I began getting tired so I lay my head down in his lap. I began to feel him getting excited so I started to rub his cock until it was rock hard. I quietly undid his pants and slid his throbbing cock through his boxers.

I was already creaming my panties. I began to suck him as he slid his hand down my pants and started to play with my wet pussy. I think the fact that someone was within reaching distance turned us on even more. He gently leaned down and whispered in my ear that he was going to cum. Hearing him say that was enough to make me explode. A few seconds later my throat was coated with warm cum. I think that was one of the best sexual experiences for both of us....and no one was the wiser.

398. Woman's Story: Cumming in the Car (6/10/05)

My boyfriend and I were coming home one night from a celebration at a bar. We were both sort of drunk and a bit tired as well. Since my boyfriend's car was being repaired, we took my car and I was driving. I'm usually a reserved girl and don't go out often and don't often think of sex but my boyfriend was eyeing me very strangely that night. I glanced at his crotch and noticed that it was really bulging. For the first time, I actually felt wet. I mean really wet. it gave me a hard time concentrating on my driving.

My boyfriend was teasing me by gently stroking his cock and rubbing my thigh with his other hand. Soon, he convinced me to park the car in a dark spot under a tree. Then we were both in the passenger seat of my car. He took my hand and brought it to his huge cock and I started jacking it as he closed his eyes in pleasure. While I was doing this, his hand was in my pants, rubbing my clit gently, making me even more wet than I already was. Then he started to finger me. It felt so good.

Soon, we were both naked from the waist down. When I saw his cock, it really turned me on because it was so big and so hard. It felt even better when he finally thrust it in me, gently at first, then faster and faster. Finally, after about 30 minutes, he was ready to cum. He took his cock out and jacked off and came all over my shirt and my car seat. That was the first time we had sex and also one of the best we had.

397. Man's Story: Underground Slut (6/3/05)

I went to a club called the Pompeii Room located in San Marcos, California, which is not too far from San Diego. After being there for awhile, I noticed this fairly large girl looking at me like she knew me. I approached her only because I was horny as fuck. I never messed around with a big girl, so I was curious.

We started making small talk and before I knew it the club was closing. So I asked for her phone number. She obliged but said she didn't have a pen. I said I have one in my car. So walked to parking lot where my car was and I went inside. She saw how my car was sitting on nice rims and asked me if she could get in. Of course I said yeah.

I proceeded to get her number, but after I put it in my pocket she started kissing me and rubbing my dick. I was already horny so I did the same to her but I took it further. I put my hand in her pants so I could feel her already wet pussy. I was fingering her when she said, let's go to the back seat. Of course I said yeah again, 'cause I know exactly where this is going.

I took off her jeans and panties to find a perfectly shaven pussy. She pulled my out my throbbing dick, which was already soaked with precum. I pulled out the condom and gave it to her so she can put it on me. That felt real good when she started stroking my dick just before she put it on me. Then she gently pulled my dick into her hot, wet, pulsating pussy.

I was slowly winding my dick in her when her phone rang. At first she didn't want to answer it, but it kept ringing, so I told to answer it and I kept fucking her getting more and more intense. As she was talking to her friends who were in the parking lot looking for her, she told them she was in the bathroom on her way out.

I told her I would come faster if she put her mouth on me and sucked me up. So she did because I guess she didn't want her friends to know she was an underground slut. When it was time for me to cum, she said blow your load in my mouth. I damn sure did, too. We hurried up and got dressed, but before she left told me call her in 2 hours because she had to drop her friends off and make sure her kids and the babysitter were asleep. I said cool and left, but me being me, I never called her again.

396. Man's Story: She Shook Uncontrollably (6/3/05)

I went to visit a friend of mine who happens to be my wife's cousin. He is married to a really nice girl who usually doesn't care for my company too much. I used to smoke pot with her husband and carry on and she didn't want to fall back into that.

After I got there and rang the doorbell, she answered the door in a tank top and shorts and obviously nothing underneath. She invited me in and I asked where he was and she said he was gone for the day, but could I stay and talk a few minutes. We talked and got things cleared up between us when she asked if she could pose a few personal questions. She asked if I found her attractive to which I told her yes and she told me that she hadn't had sex for months....that her husband no longer found her sexy and wouldn't even kiss her.

She then stood up and led me to their bedroom where she stripped in front of me and dropped to her knees and pulled out my hardening dick. After she sucked me to full hardness, I lifted her and laid her on the bed. She spread her legs wide and I could see the juices running down her ass. I got on the bed and slid my dick inside her a little at a time until all 8 inches were buried inside her and she came as I pushed deep inside her.

I fucked her missionary, doggie, on her side, with her on top and any other way she turned. We fucked for almost two hours and 10 orgasms later before I blew my load deep inside her. It triggered the most explosive orgasm I've ever encountered from a woman. She literally shook uncontrollably and came so hard she almost peed. She sucked me clean and we dressed and I left to head home. She asked me if I would come back and service her regularly and I agreed. I go back about 1 or 2 times a week. I now have her hooked to where she wants to fuck me and my woman at the same time...I'll let you now how it turns out.

395. Man's Story: Rocking the Explorer (6/3/05)

Me and my girlfriend hadn't had sex in a few weeks, so we were both ready to fuck each other silly when we had the opportunity. We were driving around looking for a place to screw in the back of my Explorer. It was the middle of winter, mind you, with 6 inches of snow. Well, we were driving around a new subdivision with no houses when we got stuck in the snow.

Despite the frustration of having to get out and dig the tires out with our hands we were not beaten yet. We drove to a middle school about a mile away and got to the back seat finally in the parking lot. We started making out immediately and groping each other just as fast.

Within minutes her pants were off, showing off her new black lace "boy shorts". Another 10 minutes passed and we were ready to rock so in turn my clothes came off, and I fucked her hard enough to rock the Explorer and steam all the windows. She moaned and screamed the way through the ride and I finished a little after her. We got dressed and went back to the house so we could recover a little...good times.

394. Woman's Story: Let Me Show You How It's Done (6/3/05)

After a night of drinking, drinking, and more drinking, my roommate and I were done for the night and went back to our dorm. Once we got our pajamas on and were ready for bed, we heard a knock at our windows from a friend of ours that had two of his visiting friends with him. We decided to let them in cause they were just as drunk as we were.

One of the friends passed out on top of my roommate, who had passed out in her bed. One of the friends passed out on the floor, while the other and I chatted for a few hours on the floor next to one of the friends. One thing led to another and we started to make out heavily. He was getting me so hot that I pulled down my shirt and allowed him to suck and bite on my nipples. Once a guy does that I get extremely wet in seconds. I felt my pussy swell up and get all wet by his touches and kisses.

He was kind of like the dork type, but that for some reason turned on even more. He was so turned on by my big breasts. I think that he was new to this because he seemed a bit nervous when he put his hands between my legs. We started to thrust against each other with our clothes on, but I just couldn't take it anymore. Feeling his hard cock rub against my wet pussy was driving me crazy. I had never had sex before and at this point I just wanted him to fuck me as hard as he could.

We were both trying to be quiet since we had 3 people sleeping in the same room, one 3 feet from us. After an hour or so of just getting each other hot and horny, I felt bad having him finger me if he felt uncomfortable doing it, so I decided to take matters in to my own "hands" and show him how it was done. I needed release quick and fast, so I told him to look under the covers.

I pulled my shirt down and rubbed my nipples and had him suck on them as I slid my hand down my panties and started to rub my soaking wet clit. He couldn't believe his eyes. I rubbed so hard and tried so hard not to moan too loud. As the sun was coming up, I began to feel my whole body twitch in ecstasy. I threw my head back and had him kiss me so deeply it felt like we both came together.

We both took a deep breath and he placed my hand on his cock to make me feel how hard I got him. Knowing that there were three people in the room was so exciting while making me nervous at the same time. We never did see each other again after that, but he definitely went home that day with a big smile on his face.

393. Woman's Story: Eaten Out at the BBQ (6/3/05)

I went to visit my friend in Florida. We had never hooked up because the timing was never right, but there was an undeniable sexual attraction between us. I was planning this trip for months and we both talked about how we were going to fuck each other, after months of having phone sex.

My first day there, he was invited to a friend's barbecue. He kept looking at me all afternoon, and when I walked by him, he would playfully smack my ass. I went over to the cooler to grab a beer and he came up behind me. He pressed his cock against me, and it was hard as a rock. He said, "I want you so much, right now. Meet me in the bathroom." Well, I knew I wasn't going to have sex with him in a stranger's bathroom, but the thought of it made me wet.

When I got in there, he sat me up on the long counter, and pulled my shorts and panties off. I couldn't even protest because I was so excited. He spread my legs wide open and put his face in my pussy. He stroked my clit so sensually, I could feel that it wasn't going to take me long to cum. I started playing with my nipples as he licked my clit, and then began to finger me.

It only took a few short minutes before I started to cum. I couldn't stifle my moan, but I didn't care. Just as I came, he stuck his tongue inside me and fucked me. It made my orgasm much more intense. When we were done, he cleaned up, I pulled on my clothes and we rejoined the party. That night we fucked each other until we were completely spent.

392. Man's Story: One Last Time With Ex (5/27/05)

My ex-wife and I still hung out from time to time but since she started dating this new guy I barely got to see her anymore. One night out of the blue she called me and told me she was scared. She asked me if I could come over and keep her safe. It was late but I jumped out of bed and quickly made the trip over to her house.

She is the best looking girl I have ever seen and she was looking hotter than ever when she answered the door in a tank top and my old boxers that I didn't even know she still had. I asked her where her boyfriend was but she didn't respond. She shut the door and took me by the hand up to her bedroom. When we got there she dropped to her knees and quickly unbuttoned my pants. She pulled my cock out and serviced me for what seemed like forever.

I thanked her but she said it was her turn. I slipped my boxers down her long thin legs and tugged at her panties with my teeth. After I got them off I licked and ate her the best I could until she came. I started to put my clothes on because she had previously told me we would never have sex again. She grabbed my hand and told me she wanted to feel me inside of her one last time.

I fucked her missionary and then doggy style until she came twice more. We fell asleep in each other's arms. The next morning I was going to ask her about possibly getting back together but she rushed me out saying this could never happen again. As I was leaving her new man pulled up. I gave him a smile as I put my sunglasses on and took off.

391. Man's Story: Her Seat Was Wet (5/27/05)

A few years ago there was this gorgeous blonde cashier where I worked. I used to flirt with her and she gave me her number. One night out of the blue I called and invited her over to my house, since my roommate was working. She drove over and we watched a movie and kissed a bit. When she left she told me the next time would be more interesting.

The next night I was at work and she was off early, and she called and asked me to meet her to go for a country drive and see some Christmas lights. She picked me up and drove me out to the middle of nowhere, and we were talking and looking at the stars, parked on the side of some farm road. I was sitting in the passenger seat and she asked if she could come sit on my lap. I obliged, and we started kissing and fondling. Then she told me to move so I could sit on her lap.

She had these drawstring pants on, and she pulled them down showing me her beautiful pussy. I became instantly hard at the sight of such a beautiful pussy. She told me she wanted me to fuck her and to fuck her hard. I will never forget the sight of my dick thrusting in and out of her beautiful pussy. By the time we were done her car seat was completely wet. We ended up dating a couple months and I've always regretting getting rid of her.

390. Man's Story: Fucking the Pounds Off (5/27/05)

I needed to cut weight for wrestling my senior year, so I went over to my girlfriend's house because she had a sauna. I was dead tired already so I stripped to my underwear and laid down on the bench. She was feeling a bit sorry for me because I was so tired, so she came in with me like she had so many times before, except without her bikini.

She started rubbing my cock through my underwear and I got so hard that I pulled them off. She started sucking my cock and it felt so good. After about three minutes I started to cum. We got so hot in there that she pulled me out and into the bathroom next to the sauna. I set her on the counter and slipped my dick into her tight pussy. I fucked her hard and we both came hard at the same time.

We slipped back into the sauna and continued kissing and groping in and out of the sauna for the next hour. I got up the next morning having shed the five pounds I was over the night before, made weight and wrestled the best I had all year.

389. Woman's Story: Home Porn Shoot (5/27/05)

A few weeks ago, my parents called me to see if I would  stay the weekend at their house. They were going to visit friends and never liked to leave the house with no one at home. I've done this before and even though I'm 24 years old with my own apartment and my own life, there's always something nice about going home.

With my parents gone, I had the whole house to myself, which was fine because I got to sleep in my own room that I had when I was a little girl. What they don't know is that I'm not the clean living daughter they think I am. I woke in the middle of the night and felt really horny, so much that I was glad I had brought my 12 inch rubber dildo, an exact replica of a long, stiff cock, with me.

In my room I still have a very large teddy bear from when I was younger, which gave me a great idea. Tying the huge cock around my teddy gave him a superb looking hard-on! There I was trembling with excitement in the darkness of the house at the prospect of being fucked by my own teddy bear, when I remembered that I had also got my digital camera with me. Suddenly, I was preparing for my own porno shoot!

Creeping through the house, still in darkness, I decided to go down to the basement with Mr. Teddy Bear in order for him to jam his cock where he really wanted to! Turning the rather dim light in the basement on, I proceeded to set up the camera with the self-timer on, position the teddy bear against a wall, with his dick protruding outwards in a very inviting fashion and then to get on all fours on the basement floor. Backing up to the 12 inches of cock, I put the bear's paws around my waist and slowly slid the rubber dick into my pussy from behind. The flash on the camera lit up the whole room momentarily, but the picture was fantastic...there I was being fucked doggy-style and enjoying every moment.

After the shot was taken, I humped my teddy bear as hard as I could, taking every inch of his cock into my pussy, while he just smiled back at me. I took further pics, with his cock inserted between my tits, me giving him a blow job and one where his wandering paw is pulling my panties down around my thighs while he jacks off with the other. Dirty Teddy! I finally finished my 'portfolio' just as dawn broke and happily fell into bed exhausted...with Teddy, of course!

388. Man's Story: Threesome With a Huge Cock (5/27/05)

My wife and I invited a friend of ours round for drinks one night, I had heard that he had a huge cock, although he was thin and only about 5 ft 8 in. tall. Just for a joke my wife was determined to find out just how big he was! She ended up on the settee with her head on his lap, and I could see that he had a hard-on which was pressed against the side of her face, which she was gently moving.

After a while she got up and went to the kitchen to get more drinks. I followed her and came up behind her putting one hand through the long slit in her skirt, the other hand rubbing her breasts very lightly. She was not wearing any underwear so my fingers went straight inside her very wet pussy. I asked her if she had found out how big he really was. She said that he was huge. At this point she climaxed and was moaning with feeling, she begged me to ram my prick inside her, I said, "OK, but what about him, you can't leave the poor guy in that state."

She asked me if I had any suggestions and I took a deep breath and finally said, "Could you manage both of us?" We were both very high at this point and it seemed like an eternity before she replied, "Yes but how shall we start? I told her to go back into the lounge, stand in front of him and slowly strip off and I would wait for a few minutes before I joined them.

I watched through the crack in the open door as she walked in and stood in front of him and started to peel off her thin sweater and them unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor. All she had left on was a pair of lacy self support stockings and a pair of high heels. She ran her hands slowly over her body, all the time looking at pur friend. I could see that he was absolutely gobsmacked but soon joined in by stripping off very quickly and revealing his huge prick. It was the biggest I had ever seen.

My wife went down on her knees and took hold of it with both hands took the head in her mouth. They were both moaning with pleasure as he grabbed her head and pushed more of his prick in. I think she nearly choked at one point but managed to carry on. It wasn't long before he came and she swallowed all his cream down. At this point I was nearly coming myself just watching them, so I stripped off and joined them in the lounge.

We carried on till the early hours of the morning just fucking and sucking. One of the best moments for me was when I was laying down on the carpet with my wife on her hands and knees over me with my prick in her mouth, our friend fucking her doggy style and me watching his huge prick sliding in and out of her. This is the first time anything like this has happened to us. We were on a high for days after but wondering if it would be wise to do it again.

387. Woman's Story: Can't Get Enough Anal! (5/20/05)

My boyfriend loves to lick my asshole. I'll get on all fours and place my head down on the bed, ass in the air, and he'll spread my cheeks and run his tongue all around my asshole, biting my cheeks, slipping his warm tongue in and out of me. Sometimes after he licks my ass he'll take the head of his cock and rub it all around my asshole, which is very open and relaxed from tongue.

One night, after he had been rimming me, he began to rub the head of his cock against my ass, but instead of pulling back, I began to push against him, wanting his cock deep in my ass. I felt the head start to gently enter me, and I pushed back even more, until his entire cock was buried inside of me. It burned a bit, but I loved the feeling of fullness.

He started fucking me slowly, easing the shaft in and out of my tight rectum. I grabbed a vibrator and held it to my clit as he ass-fucked me and I came really hard. Now I can't get enough anal sex! It's amazing!!

386. Man's Story: Her Brother's Gonna Kill You (5/20/05)

I had just gotten back from college and was catching up with some of my buds from school. One of my friends said that his sister was having a party and that we should come. His sister was 2 years younger then us and had just finished her first year of college, but she was hot. I had known them for practically my whole life and could never take my eyes off her, but out of respect my friend I never made any moves.

So anyways, were at this party drinking and having a good time when she comes over to me and starts talking. She always hated to talk to me when I had a dip (chewing tobacco), but this time she didn't seem to mind. she asked me if I wanted to see pics of her at college and led me to her room.

She got the pics and sat down and started to show them to me. half way through was a pic of her at a party topless. We laughed and she began to put herself down for the size of her tits. She's a small B, but I told her that they were nice.

Well, not a minute later she had her top off and was undoing my fly. She sucked me off until I couldn't take it any more. I flipped her over and raised up her skirt pulling down her thong. I entered her from behind and fucking her with all I had. I came on her ass in about a minute. We sat there and I played with her clit. I went down on her and ate her out until she came.

Right then another friend of mine and his girlfriend busted open the door and they were making out and trying to tear each other's clothes off. They stopped when they saw us, and my friend looked at me and said, "Her brother is gonna kill you!"

385. Man's Story: Smoking Hot Camp Out  (5/20/05)

I went camping with a few buddies of mine for about 4 days. One particular buddy had a smoking hot sister who also came along. We had both been slightly attracted to each other, but I never expected anything to happen, as we were both taken. Our SO's were supposed to show up the second day into the trip, leaving me, the girl, and the two other guys in a tent.

When the other two went to sleep, she started staring me down and switching between looking into my eyes and at my lips. She had that "kiss me" look on her face. So I did. She wrapped her tongue around mine and I immediately began to feel her up as quietly as I could.

Finally we agreed it was best to go to my tent. When we got there, she stripped down to a sexy little thong, ripped my pants off and gave me one of the greatest, longest blowjobs I'd ever had. It was fast, deep, and wet, the best kind.

After what seemed like an eternity of bliss, she jerked me off and sucked me as I shot a full load down her throat. She smiled and said we had better get back before somebody wakes up, so we did. The next morning our SO's showed up, and they had no idea what had happened.

384. Woman's Story: Forest Fuck (5/20/05)

I was working out with my fiancé. We went jogging in our local forest preserve. We hadn't had sex in weeks, because we were both so busy with school and work. I was wearing a tight sports bra that showed some pretty nice cleavage, and the whole time we ran, all he did was stare.

Finally, at the end of our workout, we just stopped dead in our tracks and started kissing. I started kissing his neck and stroking his cock. He just said, "That's it," and we took a side trail to the middle of the woods.

There, he ripped off my pants, and started licking my very wet pussy. He kept licking and licking and just as I was about to cum, I pulled off his shorts and guided him into my dripping pussy. He rode me doggy style, and thrust his cock in harder and harder. We came instantly. It was the best fuck ever!

383. Man's Story: Thanks For a Good Fuck (5/20/05)

My girlfriend and I had been going out for about two months, and all she would allow me to do was grope her (with clothes on). Well, one night we were at the movies. The movie sucked so about halfway through we were making out and doing the usual. Next thing I know, her hands are down my pants and she is stroking my now-hard cock.

She began sucking my cock, and I began to massage her tits under her shirt. They were so nice. After I unloaded in her mouth, she sat up and spread her legs. She was wearing the shortest skirt I had ever seen. I slid my fingers in her soaking pussy, and before I knew it people were standing up, and the movie was over.

We walked out to the parking lot, the whole time she was rubbing her ass on my cock. I was taking her home, and the whole time my dick was hard and I thought I was going to come again just looking her. We were almost there when she told me to turn off onto a dirt road.

I shut off the lights while she slid her thong off from beneath her skirt. She undid my belt and took out my cock dripping with pre-come. She straddled me, and gasped as she guided me into her pussy. After a few strokes she began to ride me harder, and harder. Finally I came in her. She rolled off of me and put her thong back on. She looked at me and smiled, and thanked me for a good fuck.

382. Man's Story: You Owe Me a Blowjob (5/13/05)

My junior year of high school, I worked at a grocery store. I had been dating the same girl since freshmen year, but I worked with a good looking brunette with a good body and great tits. There was always a lot of sexual chemistry between us.

The day before Valentine's, my girlfriend and I broke up. I was really depressed about it and had to work Valentine's Day. At work, I told the brunette what happened and we talked for a while and flirted a lot. She finally said, "You owe me a kiss". I smugly replied, "Then you owe me a blowjob". Surprisingly she said, "OK." I was really turned on and it was another hour before we both got off.

When we walked outside, she started acting strangely and started to leave. I was in my driver's seat and she was outside so I just grabbed her and started to kiss her. Next, I pulled my dick out and put her hand on it. She immediately walked around and got in the passenger seat. We started kissing again and then she bent down and started sucking my dick. It was the best blowjob I'd ever had before or since. She could go all the way down and suck really hard.

I was about to cum so I pulled her up and pulled her shirt off. She had huge tits with big nipples. She started moaning as I sucked her nipples. Next, I put my hand down her pants and the second I touched her wet clitoris, she shuddered with orgasm. She immediately went back to sucking my dick and when I came, she drank every drop. It was amazing. Two days later, my girlfriend and I got back together and I never told her about it.

381. Woman's Story: I Want You to Fuck Me in the Ass! (5/13/05)

For many years I had fantasies about my husband fucking me in the ass, but I was always afraid to even try because I thought that it would hurt like nothing I have ever felt before. Lately though my curiosity got the best of me, so instead of telling my husband I decided to practice to see what it was like. I would fuck myself with a dildo that was close to the size of my husbands cock.

I kept doing this until I felt ready. Then one night when me and my husband were fucking, I blurted out, "I want you to fuck me in the ass!" He was surprised and excited when I said that, and the funny thing is I realized that it was not so bad. When he put his huge cock in my ass it felt so good. My husband was a very gentle and caring lover so it made it real easy to have anal sex. We recently recorded ourselves fucking, and let me tell you it was soooooo hot to see my husband fucking me in the ass and loving it. If you have not tried anal sex try it. You will not regret it.

Hardcore Porn Videos - No Pop-Ups
No Pop-Ups

380. Man's Story: Hot Sunbathing Neighbor  (5/13/05)

Last week I experienced one of the best days of my life. I was coming home from work after working the night shift. It was about 9 A.M. and very sunny out, so it wasn't too surprising when I saw my neighbor sunbathing. I had never noticed her before, but wow, was she hot. I am 22 and found myself checking out this 35-year old woman. She was Ukrainian with the most perfect legs, nice sized breasts and beautiful eyes. She lived there with her pretty wealthy husband, who apparently was out working while his wife stayed home and sunbathed all morning.

As I walked past I couldn't help but to take a long look, I think she realized she had made a nice impression on me because she smiled and said hi. I quickly returned the hi and eventually made small talk. After a few minutes I was somehow in her yard helping her move a few chairs into the garage. As I was putting them down she backed into me and I could feel her big round nice soft ass right on my crotch. Just then I got so hard and let myself go.

I am a shy guy but this was so erotic I didn't say a word, I just guided her over to the car parked in there and bent her over. She dropped her panties and I went at it with all I had. No foreplay, no kissing, just straight hardcore sex....It was AMAZING. She was so wet and screaming something in Ukrainian which made me pick up the pace and brought me close to the edge.

I was about to cum so I slowed down and enjoyed the view of my pelvis smacking against her ass. It was a great sight and eventually I got ready to finish. I pulled out and was going to empty on her breasts, but just then she grabbed my dick and shoved it all the way down her throat!!! I couldn't help but let off right there, and as I did she swallowed every last bit. I was in disbelief and in such great pleasure. All I could do is stand there speechless looking at her pretty eyes, as she said "You like that?" All I could do was nod my head up and down with a huge smile on my face. It was incredible. Afterwards, I just left.

Then yesterday I was walking in to my house with my girlfriend and she called me over. I went over and she said in a low voice so my girlfriend couldn't hear, "When you finish fucking your little girlfriend, come over and do what you did last time." Needless to say I am sitting here with a big smile thinking about yesterday.

379. Man's Story: The Motion of the Ocean (5/13/05)

My girlfriend and I were at a state park beach in Florida. The beach was not crowded so as we were putting suntan lotion on each other she started giving me a hand job right there on the beach. I reached over and slid my hand under her bathing suit only to find her soaking wet. My fingers slid easily into her pussy and after getting them lubed up I began rubbing her clit.

After her orgasm she suggested we go get into the water so that we could fuck. We went out just far enough where you really couldn't see anything but you could tell what we were doing. The motion of the ocean allowed us to go at a slow pace. We rocked together for about five minutes before we came together. Sex at the beach is great.

378. Man's Story: We Can Shop Later (5/13/05)

Hardcore Porn Videos - No Pop-Ups
No Pop-Ups

My girlfriend and I were at the supermarket ready to go in. We both were very horny, but had lots to do. Before we went in, I started to rub her nips and she started to relax. Within two minutes, I was rubbing her nips and she was slowly stroking my cock. We decided to leave and head home.

She was driving and the whole way home was total teasing. She kept stroking my cock and kissing and licking me and I fondled and bit at her nips as well as rubbed her clit. I wanted to give her oral so badly and she felt the same for me...she did everything she could to get my cock in her mouth.

We finally arrived home and the garage door opened as quickly as it shut. I put the back of my seat down and back and she got on top of me and we had some major kissing. We were touching all over each other's bodies and my cock was huge. The car got too steamy, so we went into the garage where I leaned her against the car and stripped her naked.

Before long we were on the ground and I was sucking her hanging 36C nips as she took off my pants. She then gave me the best oral ever as I fondled her clit. After I came, she came back up to me and I kissed her as I teased her with my cock. We grinded against each other like no tomorrow and since she had her period, I got her off with my hand. This continued for what seemed like forever and many orgasms came of it. We went inside hand and hand and smiled the rest of the day away.

377. Man's Story: Talk Your Way Out of This (5/6/05)

I recently came home from work to find the front door locked. I jumped the side wall and walked round to the kitchen to see my wife in the kitchen talking to someone on the phone. I had been concerned she was seeing someone else again and so when she grabbed her car keys I followed her.

She drove a short distance to a secluded side road and walked the distance to another car parked in some trees and bushes. I knew she what she was about get up to, but I was not prepared to see her with someone so young. She had already started massaging his bulge and was pulling her knickers down as I arrived behind the nearest tree, no more than 5 yards away.

I expected a scene of oral sex to commence, but instead she leant against the car and started rubbing his cock against her clit. He was fully erect and excited and had clearly given her something before. She was telling him to calm down but he had already slipped his cock in her and was banging away. She pulled his length out and told him that she was going to give him the treat he wanted last time. I knew what this was minute he spat on his hand and looked her straight in the eyes as he thrust his finger up her arse. She laughed a little and opened her legs to allow is finger to penetrate more.

She had everything organized. She opened the door of his car and he mounted her from behind. All I could hear was her groaning. I moved slowly to the field on the opposite side and could see her panting. This was the time to step in. I approached the car so slowly they did not notice me. I could see him slowing down though and his come had started to drip out down her legs while she was still pumping back and forth.

"Hello Lucy," I said. She looked me in the eye as she slowly started removing his twitching cock. "Let's hear you talk your away out of this one."

376. Woman's Story: Going for a "Drive" (5/6/05)

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 8 months, and since we live about 40 miles away from one another, our parents allow us to stay overnight at each other's houses. He had just gotten his license, and drove himself down to my house, so he had his dad’s truck, with a huge back seat.

We were laying around my room, and started fooling around in my bed. We both wanted to fuck so bad, but he knew I didn't feel comfy doing it with my mom right in the other room. I told my mom that we were going to go out for a "drive." We were driving around, basically looking for a good place to pull over and fuck each other crazy.

We went behind the town’s elementary school in a huge parking lot. He pulled over and we both got in the back. We started kissing and making out heavily. He put his hand up my shirt and started to rub my tits, playing with my nipples, making me so wet. He then undid my pants, took them and my panties off and then continued with taking my shirt off. He likes me being completely naked before him - just something he likes, I guess. Anyway, he laid me down and started to finger my pussy, kissing me at the same time.

He told me that he wanted me to be as loud as I wanted, because now that we were really alone, he wanted to hear me scream. Just as he said that, he pushed in another finger in quite roughly, which I like, and it made me moan loudly. I came within minutes.

I got up and ripped off his shirt and ran my fingers up and down his nice chest and tummy. I undid his pants and took them off along with his boxers. I sucked his hard throbbing dick and soon swallowed everything he had to give me. I whispered in his ear that I wanted him to fuck me really hard. That almost immediately got him hard again.

He laid me on my back and slid his rod in my tight wet pussy. He started off slow, but then drilled himself into me, making me moan loud as he wanted. He grabbed my hips with his hands and roughly slammed his cock into my pussy harder and faster. After about 15 minutes of this, I told him that I wanted him to fuck me from behind. I got on my hands and knees, and let him enter me.

As he started to fuck me, I looked over and saw our reflection in the back window. Just seeing me and my baby going at it like wild animals made me even hotter. I started to move my ass back and forth, making his dick go deeper into my pussy. I started to scream "FUCK ME BABY...OHH YEAH BABY...FUCK ME!" He never fucked me harder. He soon pulled out and came all over my ass. We laid there for a little bit together, and decided that our "drive" was long enough and went back to my place. That was probably our best time yet.

375. Man's Story: Frat Life  (5/6/05)

A few years ago, when I was still in college, my best friend and I were living in our frat house. We had a swap/mixer with one of the sororities on campus. After all the drinking and partying was over, we invited a couple of the girls back to our room for a little private party. In a drunken haze they agreed and we went to our room.

The rooms on our frat house were set up like this: they had a downstairs living room, and a decent sized loft with room for two single beds, a couple of dressers and end tables. Rob and I both had our beds up there. Well, the girls decided they wanted to stay the night and not risk a late night walk of shame or a DUI from campus police. So we all four bedded down - Rob and a hot little blond in his bed, me and a fat assed little red head in my bed.

The radio is up pretty loud, so me and the red head start making out. Before long I've got her stripped naked, and in a few minutes, I have her facing the wall and I am pounding her doggy style. I look over at at Rob's bed and he is doing about the same. I look at Rob, and he gives me the the thumbs up and says, "Porn stars fucking porn stars, baby." The rest of the night was somewhat of a blur. The chicks weren't there when I woke up. Another night of frat life was complete.

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