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667. Woman's Story: Time to Buy Seat Covers (8/22/07)

My dude was out of town and I was really feeling hot and bothered. I called on an old friend who knew what I was hinting for. After he arrived to get me, I asked if he wanted to “break in" his new truck. He agreed as long as I didn’t get too messy. What the hell!!  I made him get in the back seat of his Escalade and proceeded to push my ass up and out as I kneeled on the armrest. He then began to fuck me pound for pound until I creamed all over the sides of his seats. So much for a dry fuck.

666. Man's Story: Making Up for Lost Time (8/22/07)

I had liked this girl since I first saw her when I entered college, but though she was always nice to people, somehow we never got along. Several years later, we both got pretty drunk at a party and she snaps: "I'm tired of you always being with other girls!" Then she proceeds to explain that she has liked me just as long as I have liked her, but since she'd never had a boyfriend, she had no clue on what to do to get my attention. I asked her if we could go to my place to "catch up on all that lost time," to which she agreed.

I had been with other girls before, but releasing 3 years of pent up lust for someone was... just amazing! As soon as we got to my place, we started to make out furiously as I undid her dress. When I got my mouth on her nipples, she went nuts, as they were very sensitive and had never been touched before by anyone else. After a bit of that, I decided I really wanted her to squirm and went down on her. The look on her face was priceless! And if I had thought her nipples were sensitive, it was because I hadn't had a go at her clit. Much thrashing about later, she came and begged me to do that again. I complied, but only on the condition I could do it any time I wanted to. And I have kept on that promise ever since...

665. Woman's Story: What My Ex Saw (8/22/07)

Me and my boyfriend were on a moonlight picnic in the park. I was wearing a skimpy see-through dress, with no bra and undies under it. I was climbing something, and he was underneath me. He saw my pussy and HUGE breasts, and he got horny.

He pulled me onto the soft grass, it was my first time. I was breathing heavily. "You sure?" He asked. I nodded. "More than ever." We didn't bother to use condoms. I didn't care if I got pregnant. I wanted to get pregnant. He slipped my dress off and got all horny, sweating and his face getting red. I was sitting on top of him, and I could feel his huge dick getting hard underneath me.

He undressed quickly. I saw his huge dick and held my breath. It was my first time seeing a man's dick, and his first time seeing a pussy and breasts. He climbed on top of me, pushing his dick deep into my pussy, bumping up and down. I loved that humping. He kissed me and pushed his fingers into my pussy. I breathed heavily, and we got into the 69 position. I came in his mouth, and he moaned with pleasure. I saw my ex-boyfriend passing by, and he saw us. But I didn't care, I went on sucking my man's cock. That was the best sex I've ever had.

664. Woman's Story: Eating at the Mall (8/22/07)

I decided to celebrate my good news (not pregnant!) by going to the mall. As I was walking in the entrance, this hot, built guy in a wife-beater asked me what my shirt said. It read "Princess". He asked "Are you really?" and I said, "Not really." He was leaving when I saw him, but for some reason, he asked me to go shopping with him. I did. Anyway, to make a long story short, he kept begging me for head. I was kind of embarrassed because his hard-on was so visible, and he wasn't doing anything to try to hide it (hello, there are kids in the mall!). So, surprisingly we went into this elevator. He hit the "close-door" button, and I went down on him. He kept saying my name, and his dick tasted sooooo good that I didn't mind his hand on the back of my head. I went home and masturbated the whole afternoon. I probably wouldn't do that again, after all I'm smarter...but it sure was one of the best-tasting dicks ever!

663. Woman's Story: My What Large Breasts You Have (8/22/07)

While working my way through college I had met the man that I would eventually marry. But I was uncertain, since he was the first and only man that I had ever been with. I was working in a large department store and had met a lot of cool people. I met this one guy that had become a friend very quickly.

Over the Christmas break my boyfriend had gone home and I had stayed to work. I ended up spending a lot of time with my friend. One night while watching a movie he slipped his hand under my shirt and started massaging my breast. He was amazed at how large my breasts were. I had always worn loose shirts to hide them.

We started to kiss and we were both very hot for each other. A few days later we were talking on the phone and he asked me to come to his apartment at 1am. Our conversation had been very steamy up to that point. He told me just to come in when I got there, the door would be open. I walked in and the room was dim and he was in the bedroom. He asked me to lay next to him and talk.

Soon he had my shirt off and was massaging my back. Then he had my pants off and was massaging my entire backside. He kissed my back and the back of my thighs. He slowly rolled me over. He knew that I had a boyfriend and that he was the only one I had been with. We kissed intently for a few moments and he removed his pants. He slowly started kissing my breasts and moved downward.

He spread my legs and slowly ran his warm tongue over my wet and hot clit. I had never felt anything like this. I let out a moan and he looked at me and grinned. He knew that this was the first I had ever had anyone do this to me. He started out slow and then speed up, moving his tongue over my clit and darting his tongue in and out. Then he began sucking until I could no longer keep still. I was moaning and wiggling with every flick of his tongue. I could no longer hold back, I came harder than ever before.

He lay down next to me and pulled me on top. Without hesitation I slid his extremely hard cock into my wet pussy. I had never felt anything like this. He slowly lifted me up and down. He was so large and I took him as deep as I could. We came again and again that night. It is still something I dream about and get completely wet thinking of.

662. Woman's Story: Hot Running Partner (5/20/07)

I used to date this guy when I was in high school and he was pretty into running in this local college. I hated exercising but I agreed to go to spend some time with him anyways. We started running and I stopped him for a second and we started to intensely make out. He then grabbed my hand and led me to this little building which was open.

We went in there and he started to kiss my neck and tits. It felt so good, then I pulled down his shorts and started sucking his dick right there and then. Even though he was enjoying getting head, he wanted the whole thing, so in a second he just pulled me up and started fingering my tight pussy.

 I almost came when I felt his fingers inside me. Then when I was about to come he turned me around and started to fuck me from behind and at the same time fingering my wet hot pussy. He kept on thrusting like he was a fucking machine and I too kept on grabbing his balls, so after a while we both had intense orgasms and he shot all his load on my ass.

 After that every time he asked to me to go running with him I followed him no matter what!

661. Woman's Story: Wedding Night Before the Wedding (5/20/07)

I was dating this guy for about a year and he asked me to marry him. I of course said yes ,and we went to his house to discuss things about the wedding. When we got there, we didn't even think about plans, we just started passionately making out.

We threw ourselves on the bed and he started massaging my boobs. My nipples were becoming hard. So was his cock. I could feel it on top of me. I eventually took off my shirt revealing my bra. He took it off one handed while the other hand was massaging my pussy through my underwear. He started sucking my nipples and playing with them. I have a nipple thing, whenever anyone plays with them, it turns me on so hard.

I took off my mini skirt and underwear and I was naked. I crawled down to his pants and unzipped them and pushed them and his boxers off. I began to suck his cock, while he licked my pussy. He said, "I love you so much! I want to fuck you!" "I want you to fuck me too!" I said, but before he did fuck me, he did something I've never heard of before - he stuck his tongue inside my pussy! I loved it and was in heaven!

After he took his tongue out of my pussy, I stood on all fours and told him to fuck me so hard. And he did. He gently but thoroughly thrust his cock inside me and I couldn't help but yell, "YEA, THAT'S IT! MORE MORE MORE! FUCK ME HARDER!!" And he did. We did this for a few hours and then we stopped for a while to talk. "I love you so much," I said "I love you too," said my honey. "I'm glad we did that, even though we are not married yet," I said "Me too," he said, "But we should use a condom next time until we are married."

I said that was a good idea. But even though we still did not have a condom, we fucked all night. And now we are married and are expecting a baby! 

660. Man's Story: Volunteer Sperm Donor (5/20/07)

My wife's sister had been married for several years and had been unsuccessful getting pregnant. Several doctors said that the issues was with the semen of her husband. They looked into artificial insemination but they were very concerned that the semen would come from an idiot with lousy genes. Additionally, they were told that the process could end up messing up the kid down the road, and they couldn't afford it anyway.

One night we were hanging out and pretty drunk and her husband explained the situation. Half-jokingly, my wife said she thought artificial insemination was no different than screwing a blindfolded guy, and if they could find a willing participant it would solve all their problems. A couple months later Paul asked me if I agreed and I said it made sense but quickly added that it wasn't appropriate for a relative or married person. He started to argue that I was the only person he could trust not to get carried away and I finally gave in on condition my wife wouldn't find out.

The next time my wife had to travel for business, her sister came over to do the deed. She was very nervous and insisted I wear the blindfold before we got undressed. She said there would be no playing around, just a quickie, and I agreed. However, I jerked off quite a bit before she arrived and my penis stayed soft. I told her I couldn't get hard without seeing her naked body. She protested that she had promised we would use a blindfold. I said it would be the same thing if she wore the blindfold instead of me. Once she was blindfolded, we had sex after a lot of playing around. When we were done, I asked her if she wanted to try again to improve the odds, and then passion took over...

659. Woman's Story: Reluctant Boyfriend (5/20/07)

I was in high school and basically I got wet looking at any guy. I had a boyfriend at the time who was about 5'11" with a trim but fit body from water polo. He is not a very sexual guy but when I'm sitting on his lap or dancing with him I always notice the "bulge." He has the most amazing eyes. I was so horny, I would at times pull him into a bathroom for a quick make out before class. He never wanted to go farther than that but I could see that he wanted me.

We went to the movies one night and I decided to dress extra sexy for him. With a low-cut shirt revealing my  pushed up cleavage and a short skirt. When he picked me up I could see he was having a little but of trouble concentrating. We finally got there and bought tickets. At this point he was already hard and he was trying to be a gentleman and restrain himself.

We both sat down and started to watch the movie. He put his arm around me and leaned in for a kiss. We started making out, his hands gliding over my breasts in a polite way. Because I knew he was never going to do it, I put his hand under my shirt and on my boob. My hand landed on the buckle of his pants and I started to play with the button, eventually letting it loose.

I could feel his muscles tighten up as I undid his zipper and his cock flew out. He started to get a little more sexual, grinding his hips in rhythm to me stroking his dick. He slid a hand under my skirt and started to finger me. He was teasing me, going faster and slower. My hand started to get tired, so I decided to improvise and just bend over and start blowing him. If you could only see the look of pure pleasure on his face. His muscles were tensing up so I slowed it down then sped up which resulted is him cumming onto the seat in front of us. He dug his fingers into my back, trying to be quiet. He finished me off with fingering me for the rest of the movie. Now we do stuff like that all the time including me giving him a hand job in study hall, but that's another story.

658. Man's Story: Finish Like a Man (5/20/07)

I was a groomsman in my older brother's wedding. I was about 16 and very nervous because I was paired up with a very attractive bridesmaid. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and was very sad. I complimented her and told her jokes all night to cheer her up. After the wedding we all went back to the hotel - well the groomsmen and bridesmaids did. We all hung out in her room. We all got drunk(er) and high and just relaxed.

 Eventually everyone went to their own room. I had walked to my room and discovered I forgot my room key. I went back and knocked on the door and she gave me my key. She gave me a hug and thanked me for being a gentleman. I gave her a kiss on the cheek. Then it just happened that I kissed her for real. She looked shocked and I was very nervous and I told her I was sorry. She grinned and took me by the hand and shut the door behind me.

She started undressing and asked me if I wanted to be with her. Then she asked if it was my first time and I told her yes. I knew what to do from watching porn. She told me what to do. After about 10 minutes I was ready to cum. I began to pull out and cum on her belly, but she stopped me and told me it wouldn't be fair to make me finish cumming by jacking off considering it was my very first time.

She took her hand and put it on my dick and put it back inside her and told me to finish like a man. So I came inside her. It was the best feeling. We had sex two more times that night. She got back with her boyfriend and moved away with him and I never saw her again.

657. Man's Story: Heating Up the Hot Tub (3/30/07)

My first time having dangerous sex was with Big Red in a friend's hot tub.  There were three of us in the tub, and we had all known each other since we wore diapers. None of us were dating, we were just  friends. Big Red and I were even better friends. In fact, we had been secretly playing with each other's privates. So when everyone got out of the tub but me and Red, and went to the room 30 ft away, out of sight, we started.

I moved my hand to her thigh and slowly crept up to her bikini, slipping my finger in one motion under her bathing suit and into her pussy. She was so wet, and it was not the water. Her hand was instantly on my cock, which grew harder than ever before. The danger that at any moment, one of our oldest friends could walk out and catch us, made the experience  too hot to handle.

I blew my wad, and focused on her. I dipped my head under the water and licked her for as long as I could. At this point I could not breathe. I came up for air as she was coming and realized my second cousin (by marriage) was watching. She licked her lips, smiled and took her hand from her panties. I knew this summer was going to be fun...

656. Woman's Story: Worth the Wait (3/30/07)

I often go to the local night club and pick up guys. One Friday night this guy ran into me and apologized and I deliberately brushed against him as I passed. He was hot. He grabbed my arm, hugged me as we started making out and feeling each other up. We asked each other's names and after a while I asked him to come back to my place.

Once we were back at my house, he fingered me better than I ever had been before. I jacked him off and he came all over my hand then went down on me. I decided to return the favor and gave him my first ever blow job. It was great. We stayed at this for hours, giving hand and oral jobs to each other, but we didn't have condoms, which was so annoying.

In the morning we did it all again, sharing deep kisses. We decided to meet up again and that night he came by and we went back to his hotel and did it again. This time we went for it. First I was on top rubbing up and down with his cock inside me, then we changed positions. We sweated so much, and came so much. He was well worth the wait. The best I ever had and definitely the best getting me to orgasm.

655. Man's Story: Hot German Girl  (3/30/07)

it was on a trip to New York. I was 18 and there were almost 18 European girls in the group. In the night somebody knocked on the door of my hotel room and it was this hot German girl. She looked in my eyes and said: "I want to fuck." I was a virgin so I did not even think before getting her in the room. 

She took her clothes off and went down on my cock. I almost came in like 30 seconds after she started licking. She knew it was my first time and she liked the idea. She sat on the bed, opened her legs, and asked me to fuck her. She grabbed my cock and put it inside her pussy. It was the best fuck ever. Now I am 19 and we still mess around on cam and mess around with other girls. It always feels great.

654. Man's Story: Secret Crush Confession (3/30/07)

In my junior year in college a friend of mine and I were hanging out on a Friday night watching movies in her room. It was a long week. We both had tests that week and most of it was spent studying and getting ready for the exams.

After the movies we talked for a while, asking about the other, etc., when she admitted that she had a crush on me the year before when we worked on the same work crew at school. I admitted the same and we were amused that we had each had crushes on the other at the same time and wouldn't admit to it.

She was laying on the couch and I was sitting on the floor beside her. I said "fuck it" and began to kiss her neck. We ended up making out and rubbing our hands all over each other for about fifteen minutes when she said that we should go to my room.

We took two condoms with us and began to slowly play around and strip each other's clothing off. After I stripped off her bra and nibbled and sucked her breasts, she laid me down and took off my jeans and boxers. She began stroking my cock and then sucked me into her mouth.

She only went down on me for a few minutes before I flipped her over and began to lick her pussy as best I could. It didn't take long before she said that she wanted to feel me inside her so I got up, put the condom on and made love to her missionary position for a little while.

We went for a looooong time, switching positions here and there. She loved doggy-style and putting her legs on my shoulders best (we both came in that position). She was so hot that after a few minutes of cool down, I was hard and ready to go again (that never had happened before). We fucked each other's brains out again that night and again a week later. We hung out a lot until we both graduated and we still occasionally send emails back and forth.

653. Man's Story: Another Crazy Night (3/30/07)

Whenever I go out with this one friend of mine, we always have a wild time. This particular night we ended up at a strip club. I talked to a guy at the bar who introduced us to his girlfriend's five friends who were visiting on spring break.

One of the girls started rubbing me under the table. After a while she told me to wait a minute then follow her. When I met her outside she asked me where I had parked. I told her I didn't drive that night and we should go to her car but she didn't drive either.

She led me to the alley on the side of the club and started rubbing my dick. She wanted me to fuck her right there. I ended up fucking her up against a wall in an alley behind a strip club. When we finished, she walked out of the alley a minute before I did.

A bum, who I didn't know had been sleeping there, picked his head up and started laughing telling me "good job." I didn't say anything and just walked away thinking to myself, What the fuck just happened? Right then my friend came rushing out telling me we had to get out of there. Turns out a whole group of guys was looking to kick someone's ass who had sold them some bunk shit. I wasn't that guy, but I guess I fit the description someone had given. Just one of many crazy nights.

652. Man's Story: Rockin' the RV (3/22/07)

My girlfriend and I have been going strong for almost a year now. One day she came to me at lunch time, and whispered that her green shirt represented her horniness. Before we had only had sex in her room. She said she needed me inside her now. So I took her off campus in the ghetto RV/van I sometimes drive.

We pulled into a rest stop off the highway and I pulled her over to the pull-out bed and threw her down. She giggled and licked her lips. I laid down on her as we made out. I slowly went up her shirt expecting a bra, but to my pleasant surprise she wasn't wearing one. I rubbed her tits and she moaned happily. I pulled her shirt off as she slid my tight pants off. She grabbed my cock as I pulled her tighter pants off. I wasn't wearing boxers and she no panties.

She grabbed my dick and put it in her nice and warm pussy. She was so horny I felt some juice immediately slide down my cock. We went hard until she came and I came twice, when she got on top of me on her knees, and slid up and down on me, her nice tits bouncing. The bouncing tits were so arousing I came in her and she giggled and smiled.

I stayed hard as she kept going, moaning and bouncing and caressing my chest. I felt her orgasm and I came yet again. Maybe the fact I was in my parents' old RV, with the windows open for the people outside to hear us fuck, and cum multiple times, made it that much better. We then drove back to school. On the ride there I fingered her pussy as she gave me a hand job and a nice blow job.

651. Woman's Story: Cram This (3/22/07)

I was studying in the library late one night (around 12) and my friend was helping me cram for the exam the next day, for he was already well prepared for his. I've always had this liking for my friend, even with a boyfriend, I still found myself wanting to touch him in ways I'm sure many girls have before.

As he was in the middle of a sentence I kissed him, hard. He looked startled but kissed me back. As we made out for a bit he reached his hand under my shirt and bra. Him touching me there excited me and made me turned on.

We walked up to my dormitory, in which my boyfriend was out for the night, and we laid in my bed. He took off my shirt as I took off his, feeling his hard abs as he started to play with my nipples. I arched back in enjoyment as he slipped off my pants and my underwear. As I started to unbutton his I suddenly felt his wet mouth already on my wet pussy. I nearly screamed out in pleasure as his tongue tussled with my clit.

I quickly undid his pants and pulled down his boxers to see his aroused, large cock. Seeing this excited me even more as he slipped his two fingers into my pussy, pushing them hard. I grabbed his cock in my hand and I began to pump it up and down. He began to make soft groans which made my pussy flood.

I moaned to him that I was ready and he slipped his hard cock in my pussy, every thrust leading me closer to orgasm. As I felt his cock get harder with orgasm, I came almost at the same time. I felt his warmth flood into me. After we were done, he left and my boyfriend never found out. We still have sex as of today.

650. Man's Story: Fuck Like a Rock Star  (3/22/07)

it started off with me knowing this girl who was a little younger than me. She was a really nice person and absolutely stunning to look at. My band had a gig one Friday night and this girl told me she couldn't make it. I got kind of upset because I really wanted to spend some time with her.

Anyway after we played our set I was walking through the audience with my band when I saw her with her friend. I was so surprised and it turned out she just wanted to surprise me. We started to kiss as the next band were playing and we gradually made our way into a side room.

As soon as the door closed I noticed she already had my belt undone. She pulled my boxers down and I was so hard as she started to suck. She was wearing a very short skirt so I pulled her pants down and held her on the table and started to fuck her hard and slow. As she moaned I was only hoping no one would walk in on us, but that just made it so much more exciting.

We fucked harder and faster until I came inside her and then made out with her, with my hard cock still inside her. I found the strength to carry on until she orgasmed and I came once more. It was the best night of my life and I still love her today.

649. Woman's Story: Au Natural (3/22/07)

My boyfriend and I decided to try a nude resort this summer. We went to a place called the 4 Seasons. It was a hot day and as we walked in there were a lot of people there. I saw an older guy watching me. I have a real hot body and I was getting turned on because I knew he wanted me.

I swam in the pool and did a handstand to show myself. He gave me a casual smile as I walked out of the pool and past him. I think he had to cover himself because his cock was getting hard.

My boyfriend and I went into the sauna. He first went to the washroom and I had a chat with the guy. He asked if I was there for the week and when he found out I was there for the day he decided to ask if I wanted to meet him the following day to suntan in the back field. I had never been with an older man before and wondered what the invite might lead to.

The next day I went back and we met again at the pool. After a swim together and some casual conversation, he asked if I wanted to go for a walk. There I was. Nothing on and walking with someone I did not know. It got me so horny and I could feel the sexual feeling between us.

We got to a field and he started to gently caress my shoulders and chest. One thing led to another and he ended up taking me doggy style right there in the open field. Pounding my shaved cooch. God, I came like I never had before. I found out that he is a firefighter and I want to meet up with him again.

648. Woman's Story: Roadside Service (3/22/07)

I was at a club one night with friends. A guy I was sleeping with and his friends had arranged to meet us later on that night. As soon as I saw him I was wet. This guy just used to drive me crazy!

After a night of dancing, grinding our bodies together and flirting like mad we went back to his new house. It was a fair distance from the club and we had to go along the freeway. When we got to his car he lifted me up onto the bonnet of it and rubbed himself into me exciting my clit more and more.

We hopped in the car. It started with a rub of each other's thighs and then I was kissing his neck and grabbing at his cock. He undid his pants and I went down on him. At this stage we were going 100km/hr along the freeway. Then he took my jeans off and while driving he fingered me.

He then told me to do it myself and as I was getting off I could see he was going to explode! When we exited the freeway he pulled over and fucked me from behind on the car bonnet. A few cars drove by but it made it even sexier that perhaps they could see us. Then when we went home we screwed all night long. It was amazing! Fuck that guy is sexy!

647. Woman's Story: Soup's On! (3/12/07)

When I was 21, my boyfriend lived an hour away so I hardly got to see him. I hadn't seen him in several months so I was excited when he told me that he was coming to my apartment. I decided to surprise him, since before then I was always hesitant about sex. We had seen each other naked and had had oral sex but we were both still virgins.

He told me he was coming around 7. I took a shower at 5:30. I finished my shower and wrapped a towel loosely around my body. I walked into my bedroom and saw my boyfriend standing there. I ran over to him and hugged him. I felt a bulge against my leg and knew that he was totally shocked to see me wearing a towel.

I wasn't about to let him get me that easy since he hadn't come to see me in several months. I gently rubbed my body against his and he closed his eyes and sighed. I took a step back and walked to my kitchen to start dinner. (Yes, only wearing a towel.) He followed me and asked me what I was making. I told him, "Soup." "What kind of soup?" "You'll love it."

He kept trying to find a way to touch me, while staying polite. I never finished the soup because knowing that he was horny made me hornier. I finally gave up on being mean to him and I turned around and pushed him into a chair. His eyes widened as I removed the towel and straddled him. I ground my hips into his and felt his bulge grow. I pulled off his shirt and removed his pants. I began to kiss him, pushing my tongue into his mouth.

At that point, he lost all politeness. He shoved me off him and took off his boxers. He grabbed me and kissing me, led me to my bedroom. He shoved me on the bed and began to feel my tits. At first he was hesitant, but at the sight and smell of my dripping pussy, he lost it. He twisted my tits in a way that made me moan in ecstasy. He went down on my steaming pussy and began to suck it. I began to thrash on the bed because it felt so good.

I felt so good I flipped him on his back and gave him a blow job. He grabbed the back of my head. Just as he was about to come, I stopped. I looked at him and grinned. He moaned from the pain of not being able to come. He got so upset that he flipped me over. He grabbed my tits, again, and slammed his 10" dick into my pussy. It felt so good I screamed. He pumped so hard I thought he was going to tear me apart. He said he was going to come.

He started to pull out but I felt a need to have him in me and held him in. "Just fuck me!" I said. A few moments later, I felt his warm come fill me. He fell on top of me, exhausted. I was still horny, though. And I was not about to be denied. I flipped him over and sucked his cock back to its huge hardness. I straddled him and slid down his hard dick. He grabbed my tits and played with them while I bounced up and down on his thick member. We came simultaneously. We fell asleep with the scent of cum all over my bed.

The next day, we had sex in all sorts of positions. My favorite was when I was on top and he was playing with my tits. I bled the next day but, it was worth it for his cock. We ended up having sex for ten more years because we got married and still are today.

646. Woman's Story: Level Up (3/12/07)

I was sitting on my boyfriend's lap playing games on the computer. I felt something twitch underneath my ass and I knew he was getting hard. I ignored it and continued playing computer games. while waiting for the next level to load, I turned around and kissed him. I could tell he was hot for me but I wanted to tease him. I turned back around and continued my game.

While I'm playing my game, he starts kissing and nibbling my neck and ears. His hand slips under my shirt and starts playing with my breasts. his other hand rubbing my legs. I reached behind and felt his hard on and said, "I knew it!" but I continued playing my game. Every now and then I would rub my ass against his hard on. When I finally heard him moan I turned around and we started making out.

He starts grinding against me and soon he is fingering me on the lounge room floor. I try to reach down his pants but he pulls away. "No Hon, not today. I forgot protection." He goes to the bathroom to "calm down" while I stay in the lounge. I try to take my mind off him but I wanted him bad. So I waited outside the bathroom door and as soon as he comes out I jump on him and we passionately kiss.

I start pushing him, leading him to the bedroom, but on the way he stumbles and falls against the wall bringing me with him. Our bodies clash and he pushes me against the wall behind him and grinds himself hard against my soaking wet pussy. He picks me up and throws me onto the bed and we continue grinding.

 It's a race to strip each other bare and he sticks his throbbing hard cock inside me. We are at it for 3 hours. He slows down to prolong his cum and picks up the pace again and slams hard and deep inside me. In the end I can't take any more and I tell him to make me cum.

We start making out as he is furiously pumping his delicious meat in and out of me deep and hard. I feel him hit rock bottom. "Oh babe your cock feels so good inside me!" He cums inside me with a grunt which triggers mine. He kept pumping in and out of me as if to juice himself dry. I have a more intense orgasm and he cums once again. He collapses on top of me and we both fall asleep with his cock still inside.

645. Woman's Story: Study Break  (3/12/07)

My boyfriend, our mutual friend, and I had all signed up to take an honors course at our college together. My boyfriend and I had been sexual actively together for a year or so at this point. To get some studying done the three of us had devised a study group that would meet at our mutual friend’s apartment that weekend. The friend was a guy and had been dating one of my friends for months, though she was out of town this weekend.

So we were at his apartment, all sitting around his table studying, when he got a phone call and slipped into the next room for a little privacy. I continued to study, but my boyfriend had other plans. He pulled me over onto his lap and started reaching up my shirt and massaging my breast and running his lips down my neck. It was hard to study with the feeling of him getting hard under my ass, so when he started pulling up my skirt I didn’t object, only pushed my tongue further down his throat.

I reached down and unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his boxers. His penis popped out all by itself. Skirt raised, I lowered myself down on his member and the feeling of his hardness pushing into my soft wetness would have made me scream if my boyfriend hadn’t covered my mouth with his hand. Then my boyfriend was trying to start pumping, but he couldn’t get any leverage at that angle. He lifted me up onto the table, scattering books and pencils. Lying on my back, I looked up into his eyes as he rubbed my breasts and started thrusting.

The thrusts started slow and steady but turned into frantic slamming of his dick into my pussy. I was screaming at this point, but neither of us cared. Thinking that something was wrong, our friend came running into the room, only to see me stretched across the table and my boyfriend inside of me, pumping away. Our friend laughed when I tried to apologize for fucking on his table, but I was too breathless to get the words out. I had to stop trying because my boyfriend was thrusting so hard that I felt like he was going to knock the entire table over. My boyfriend pumped until he came inside of me, with our friend watching the whole time. It was his house after all.

644. Woman's Story: Lucky Landlord (3/12/07)

I had met this guy due to a rental mix-up (he was the owner and I knew him from college) and we had ended up making the arrangement where I could stay at his house for two weeks until my book was done, and in return I just had to cook him meals. So a week had passed and we had done nothing but flirting and casual touching, etc.

One night I was feeling extremely horny and I knew he was in his office working on some drawings for the next day. I went in and used the fact that I wanted to see his work as an excuse. Anyways I ended up straddling him on his chair and making out with him. He was so hard I could feel it through his pants and he was sending electric shocks through my body! He bit my lower lip and I moaned. I started to ride him and we fell onto the floor.

It was so hot we both started to rip each other's clothes off. I kissed my way down to his throbbing cock and deep throated him. I did this until I could feel his cock about to cum so I took it out and went down on him. He got on top of me and rammed his already soaking cock into my tight pussy! I screamed so loud the neighbors must have heard. He grabbed my hips and we got into this really frantic rhythm.

I could feel myself about to come so I arched by back so that his cock slid in even deeper and groaned as his last stroke went straight to the back of my pussy. I came 6 times that night and each time he came right after. We didn't even use protection!

We fell asleep on his office floor and when I woke in the morning I got in a 69 position and sucked him hard again. His tongue felt so good in my pussy that I started to grind on it. I came all over his face so I cleaned it up with my tongue while slowly driving his hard cock into me. He then grabbed my hips and suddenly drove into me giving such a big orgasm that I dug my nails into his back. He covered my moan by kissing me with his tongue all the way down my throat. It was the best night of my life and I ended up staying another 8 months. We are still going out but I have my own apartment nearby now.

643. Woman's Story: Parking Violation (3/12/07)

Me and my boyfriend went parking one night at a sandpit, which was quite exciting. We were having fun with foreplay. He was rubbing my breasts and fingering my pussy which was getting very wet. I was so turned on I wanted to pleasure my boyfriend, so he pulled his pants and underwear down and I was sucking and licking his dick all the way down to his balls.

All of the sudden we saw a car coming in where we were at. I said it was the police. My boyfriend only got his underwear up and his pants were still at his ankles. The policeman rolled down his window and my boyfriend rolled down the window as well. He asked us what we were doing and we said we were sitting here talking. The policeman said we better leave now, so we did.

I started laughing after the policeman drove off. I know the policeman knew we were doing more than just talking. It would of been kind of funny if the officer would have asked us to get out of the car because my boyfriend only had his underwear on and his pants were still down to his ankles. I was teasing him about it. I will always remember this exciting parking adventure. We are both in our 40s.

642. Woman's Story: A Big Fan of the Pool (2/23/07)

I had had plenty of boyfriends, but we had never gotten serious enough to consider sex. It was never really one of those things I ever thought about. Well, I had been going out with this one guy for a couple of months. We had done everything but sex, although we had talked about it. He wanted to make sure I was completely sure before we did anything. (He asks me before we do anything.)

Well, we finally decided that we were ready. The catch was that he lives far away from me so I only see him on weekends and the weekend that we had planned to do the deed, I started my period. We were devastated. We hadn't seen each other in a week and we were hot and ready to go. He asked if I was sure we couldn't do anything, then I remembered that I had read somewhere that you could have sex on your period (just with a bit more difficulty) and that orgasms actually helped with cramps.

Well, his shower is a bit small so we opted for the pool. We got in the pool and I took off my swimsuit bottoms. He made sure one last time that I was sure and I said yes. He put me against the wall and very slowly put his dick in. It was a bit tight because it was my first time and I'm just naturally tight down there. He started thrusting and there was a little bit of pain, but only for a second, then it was AMAZING!

Being in the pool, it didn't take very long for me to cum at all. He later told me that it was a bit hard for him to do that in the pool so I was sure to thank him. Since then, we've found many other positions we love, but I'm still a big fan of the pool.

641. Man's Story: Sorority Girl Gone Wild (2/23/07)

She was a year older, so she started college before I did. We had never dated in high school, but had experienced heavy petting on several occasions. You have to understand that this story took place 24 years ago. I remember it well.

Let me explain. I got a phone call from this cute coed inviting me to her college sorority formal. I was impressed that with all the college guys available she would ask me. When I reminded her that I was a poor 18-year-old senior in high school, she laughed and said not to worry. That she would take care of everything including our hotel. My cock immediately got hard. Typical 18-year-old's reaction. I accepted the invitation and proceeded to drive several hours to the college.

When I arrived I was met by a very horny girl. She immediately took me to the room she had reserved and we engaged in everything except intercourse. She wanted to save that until after the formal! Not one to look deny the wishes of a horny girl, I went along with it although my cock was making a tent in my suit pants the remainder of the evening.

She introduced me to many of her sorority sisters. More than one smiled and said, "We heard about you." "If you decide you want a change of scenery, come find me." I was in heaven. I knew that when the dance ended I was going to enter a sweet pussy with my tongue and cock. I couldn't wait. It was all I hoped for.

Twenty years later I reconnected with this vixen through a high school website. I was headed her way on business and she asked me to stop by. Even though I was married she said, "I will take care of getting us a room, just like old times." When I arrived we were naked and fucking each other within 5 minutes of my arrival. It was incredible.

640. Woman's Story: Drunken Party Sex (2/23/07)

It was one of my best guy friend's birthday. He had his party at the empty house of a friend who was four years older than I was. Me and his friend got pretty faded and next thing I knew I was laying in a bed with my clothes off because it was hot at the time.

The older guy walks in and laid there with me asking why I didn't invite him in with me. I asked him why he wasn't naked and helped him take off his clothes, noticing how hard his dick was against my thigh. We fooled around with the door locked upstairs.

He was biting my nipples and by the time he was done fingering me he wasn't up anymore. I gave him the most pleasurable head for not long at all before he flipped me over and pushed in. It didn't hurt since I was a little tipsy but I screamed with pleasure. We were grinding on each other for over an hour, changing to about six different sex positions. He moaned during the climax of my orgasm and we both came.

I spent the night and we woke up the next morning with hickies all over our bodies and my pussy sore but wanting more. We fucked in the morning and I went home. It has been a year and we still have sex occasionally. It is by far the most pleasurable sex I have ever had.

639. Woman's Story: Good Morning, Gramps (2/23/07)

It was a cool fall morning soon after my husband and I got married. We were in the kitchen of his grandmother's house and he was still in his pajamas. I was in only his bathrobe as we were not totally ready to start the day.

His grandma and grandpa were in the living room, which was only one wall away when he grabbed me and pulled me to him. I could tell that he was more than ready for me, as he had already popped a boner. He sat down on one of the kitchen chairs, pulled my robe aside, and positioned me on his lap facing him. I slid down onto his throbbing cock and started to rock.

Just as things were starting to heat up his grandpa walked into the kitchen! We were both so aroused that he didn't instantly die. His grandpa made small talk with me sitting on my husband’s lap and then went back to watching TV in the living room. We continued our lovemaking until he finally came in me.

We decided that almost getting caught was a major turn-on, so we decided to go for round two of the morning in the guest bedroom. To this day, neither one of his grandparents knew what went on only a one room away.

638. Man's Story: Thank God for All Those Explosions (2/23/07)

When I was younger and still living at home, I lived in a small apartment with my mother. A very good friend of mine said how bored she was on Easter, so I told her she should come over for dinner. She agreed.

She came over and we went to my room and chilled in there for a bit watching TV and talking about random things, from school to her ex. After awhile I put on a DVD that she got me for my birthday earlier that year, "Saving Private Ryan" (yeah I know, a real chick flick, right).

The thought of sex was not on my mind at all when she first came over. But I started to get real horny since she wanted to wear a skirt over to my place. We laid down on my bed since we were pretty comfortable with each other. I put my hand on her leg without even realizing it.

After a while I noticed where my hand was, so I moved it up her leg slowly. I'm pretty sure she noticed it since she turned her head a little bit towards me. I put my hand up her skirt and was getting close to her pussy when she rolled over and faced me and started making out with me. Next thing I know she was straddled on top of me and we were dry fucking each other while making out.

I come to my senses and force her off of me so I can go get my condoms. I do this, turn around with my pants down and my dick out, when I see she's in the middle of taking off her panties (a black thong). I rip the condom packet open, put it on and get on top of her, not even taking off her skirt, shirt, or bra.

I was on top of her at first and after time we switched positions and she was on top. When she was on top I took off her shirt and bra. She started to have an orgasm and that was not a good thing for me. That wasn't a good thing, being that my mom was right behind the door in the next room setting up dinner. So I do the first thing that comes to mind -  I throw my hand up to her mouth and cover it and tell her to be quiet.

We continued to have sex for about 45 more minutes before we finished up and got ourselves together. After that we ate dinner and my mom never knew a thing (thank god that movie was loud throughout the whole thing). We went back into my room and I was getting another condom ready when she explained to me that she was on the pill. We both knew the other was clean and I had the best sex of my life before dessert was served.

637. Man's Story: Blow and Go (1/31/07)

I was chatting with this girl for only about five minutes, until we learned we were only 15 minutes away from each other. She drove over to my apartment, and as soon as I answered the door and sat down with her she started undoing my belt buckle and then my pants.

At first I was surprised, but I didn't mind a hot blonde like that going for my cock. She started to blow me while giving my cock the best rubdown I've ever had. I came almost instantly, and she let me spray her whole face. She said that's what she wanted and then I licked her hot pussy and played with her tits until I came again. After she came, she thanked me and just left.

Now she won't respond to my IMs or emails, but that was the best night ever. I didn't mind being her one-night stand.

636. Woman's Story: Backdoor Gel  (1/31/07)

Just before my husband and I got married, we were fooling around in his truck. We had a bag of stuff from the store in the back and he grabbed the bottle of hair gel. Before I knew it, he was leading me out of the truck with the hair gel in his hand. I wasn't sure what he planned to do, but was too horny to care.

When we got to the front of the truck, he bent me over the truck with my ass in the air and quickly squirted a glob of gel on my asshole. He rubbed his fingers in the gel and pressed two fingers into my ass. It was so hot! He bent over me and whispered to me that he was going to butt fuck me. By that time, I was begging him to make me cum.

He pulled his fingers out and pressed his dick against my ass. It popped into my virgin asshole and we slowed down and waited for me to relax...and then I started pressing back against him and moaning. He knew I was ready for him to fuck me.

He pulled out slowly, and then pressed in slowly, back and forth until I was screaming at him to fuck me hard! When he started thrusting hard and fast, I was raised up on my tip toes and his dick was hitting my G-spot perfectly! Within a short time, I had my first anal orgasm from my very first ass fuck. He felt me cum and let his load go. What a hot night!

635. Man's Story: Adult Swim (1/31/07)

My fiancée and I were on vacation with my sister's family. We were having a great time down in the hotel pool. It was in Miami so the weather was just right. The beach was like 20 feet from the pool so it had the whole exotic feel to it because of all the palm trees that surrounded us.

As we were relaxing in the pool, my fiancé began to nibble on my neck. And then she began to blow into my ear. We began to kiss and slowly I could feel my dick getting really hard. After she felt my hard throbbing cock through my swim trunks, she began to grind on me as she began to put her legs around me.

The next thing I knew, her hand was in my shorts. She then slid her bathing suit to one side and slid my dick into her vagina. We fucked for the next several minutes, just going with the flow of the water. Bobbing up and down, we began to fuck faster. When I began to come, I could not take it anymore. I shot my load all up inside her.

The most erotic part was that is was in the middle of the day. There was like 200 people in and around the pool. There were even people outside on their balconies many floors up. It was so erotic that we repeated our fantasy the next summer.

634. Man's Story: Standing "O" (1/31/07)

I was attending a convention in New York, where I had been doing some part-time teaching at a local university. I had arranged to meet one of my students at the convention so that we could attend some of the sessions together. She was a very attractive graduate student that I had been talking to after class each week. I was looking forward to spending time with her at the convention.

We were listening to a very long, very dry talk by the president of the association, and decided to sneak out the back door. The lecture hall was on the top floor, and the back door led out to a roof patio - totally empty, as most people didn't even know it was there. We stood outside getting high, next to very large windows with thick drapes - on the other side of which was the entire convention listening to the presidential address.

We started kissing, which I had wanted to do with her for weeks - and soon my hands were in her blouse, feeling her beautiful breasts - which I had been looking at during class every week. They were as beautiful and warm and wonderful as I thought that they would be! I played with her nipples and soon she was so hot that she kneeled down and opened by pants and took my cock into her mouth! Finally - the warm soft mouth that I had dreamed of - around my cock, sucking so gently but hungrily. And her eyes, looking up into mine as she sucked and sucked. Her hand reached up and touched my balls so sweetly as she sucked gently on my cock. I looked into her eyes and shot my cum into her mouth. She loved it and swallowed it, eagerly taking each squirt down her throat.

Just as I began to shoot into her mouth, the speaker inside the lecture hall must have finished his speech, because the room exploded in applause! The applause went on and on. As my cum shoot down her throat and she swallowed and swallowed. I finally finished shooting my load and she stood up. There was just a drop of cum on her lips, and we kissed, slowly and lovingly. I looked into her eyes and said, "Honey, I think we got a standing ovation!"

She sucked me off every chance we got for the rest of the semester and then were lovers for many years. Although I was married at the time, there was nothing as exciting in my life as when I was able to get to New York to make love with her.

633. Woman's Story: What Happens in Reno...  (1/31/07)

The following story happened before I was divorced. My husband at the time was away on a business trip. My girlfriend Michelle invited me to Reno for the weekend. It was Friday night, our first night there. We both got ready to go out for the night. I decided to show my body off a little more than I usually did since my husband was gone. I bought a little white mini skirt with a black g-string and a white tube top.

We went to a couple of nightclubs to go dancing. It didn't take long to find some hot guys. Michelle talked me into going back to their suite. After a couple shots, one thing led to another. The conversation turned to talking about who had bigger boobs. We both have implants, but for the record mine are bigger. The guys said they needed a closer look and we gave it to them. After that the clothes just kept coming off. Michelle and I both had mini skirts on and tube tops so it didn't take long.

Michelle went with one guy and I went with the other. He started fingering me while I jacked him off. He had a huge cock and I couldn't help it, so I let him start fucking me. It lasted all night and I ended up staying there for the remainder of the weekend. We had sex six times the entire weekend. The last night I even had my first threesome with both guys while Michelle videotaped us.

The next day I went home and my husband came home that night horny as hell. After having sex all weekend with two well-hung studs, my pussy was a little raw and my husband noticed when we started having sex. A couple weeks later he filed for a divorce and made my life a living hell. So after everything was settled Michelle and I sent him a copy of the video.

632. Woman's Story: If the Car's A-Rockin' (1/18/07)

I met a man at a bar with the nicest ass on the planet. He was hopelessly romantic until we got to the car. We were both so hot and bothered that we started making out then and there. He undid my bra and folded the seats down and started sucking on my nipples while his hand went down my pants and he found my clit. As I got closer he stopped, and before I could as him why he had my nylons and panties off.

He sat on the floor and started licking my clit and then he'd suck on it and then go back to licking it. I ended up cumming a lot faster and harder than I ever had before. I was getting ready to push him away because I was getting sensitive and he pinned me down with one hand and held my hands in the other and kept sucking and licking me. I came again and again and again.

He dropped his pants and slammed his dick into my pussy. I was so wet I wasn't uncomfortable at all. He pounded into me hard and then would slow down...back and forth and back and forth for I don't know how long.

He started pounding into me so hard I could feel his balls bouncing off my ass, and just as he started cumming inside me there was a knock on the window. Someone had called the cops because the car was rocking and there were screams coming from it. I was so embarrassed, but I guess it's true what they say: "If the car is a-rockin', don't bother knockin'." Just leave them alone!

631. Woman's Story: We Were Just Getting Dressed, Officer  (1/18/07)

I was an au  pair and met a single 33-year-old man at that time. He invited me for dinner, and then for a scenic view of a Michigan lake. We parked the car, and no words were needed - we started kissing. We were both horny, having had no sex for a few months.

He started licking my wet pussy, and then I hopped on him in the driver's seat. What a nice surprise - he was not wearing any underwear. His hard cock was so big - exactly what I needed after such a long dry spell.

 I started fucking him so hard when I noticed bright lights. Yep, we were being watched by cops. An officer approached our car and when we saw him we stopped. My fuck partner told him we just took a dip in the lake (this was at 10 pm, in November).

Anyway, we loved our "swim" so much that we stayed together, have 2 kids, and my hubby remembers that sex till this day. It was the best one ever.

630. Woman's Story: Group Project (1/18/07)

It was a nice Friday night. School was out early that day and we went to the library to work on our science project. I had liked this guy for a long time, and just a year ago, he came to me and said he liked me too. We mostly see each other in school, and enjoy talking to each other, but we really haven't done anything towards sex or kissing.

About an hour into our time, I got really horny. I excused myself to the bathroom and gave him a look like "come follow me". So he got up, and about a minute after I entered the bathroom, he followed. We went into the handicapped stall so there would be space and I told him how much I had wanted to kiss him. I had him close his eyes, and I leaned forward.

At this point I was really horny and I couldn't help but feel his hard cock through his pants. After a kiss which seemed to go on forever, I knelt down and undid his jeans followed by giving him a great BJ. He started to rub my breasts and I undid my shirt so he could do a better job.

After about 10 minutes of just rubbing he pulled down my pants and underwear and then slowly entered me. It felt so good to have his cock in me. We went slow for a few minutes so that we wouldn't make any noise, and then decided to go back to the table to finish up our work. It was my first, and best. We are still seeing each other, and we always work on group projects together.

629. Man's Story: Helping Hand (1/18/07)

I was leaving the grocery store one day after work when I ran into an older woman I knew from my younger days. I was 30 years old and she was 40 but she looked younger than that. As I was walking to my car I noticed her from a distance. On this day she was wearing a black miniskirt and high heels along with a loose fitting white blouse.

I approached her as she was getting into her car and we exchanged hellos. She invited me to sit in her car and when I did, I noticed her skirt had risen up considerably. She was wearing pantyhose and no panties. I quickly became hard looking at her gorgeous legs.

She must have noticed because she said, " What's this?" as she grabbed my cock. I told her I could not help it. She then asked me if she could help me out and I said sure. She undid my pants and pulled my cock out and gave me the best handjob I had ever received. I came all over her hand and some cum even landed on her nylon-covered thigh.

628. Man's Story: Fun at the Movies  (1/18/07)

Last summer, I took my wife to the movies for her birthday. It was a warm day and she wore a skirt and flip flops. Just after the movies started, she leaned over and told me that she wasn't wearing any panties. I reached up her skirt and felt her pussy. She leaned back in the seat and spread her legs so I could continue to rub her clit. About three minutes later, she let out a little whimper and I felt my hand get all wet.

She relaxed for a few minutes while we watched the movie. Then she leaned over and said, "Your turn." She undid my belt and reached down my jeans. I was already hard (from feeling her pussy) so it only took a couple of strokes to really get me going.

She told me to relax and she reached into her purse and removed some lube. It felt so warm on my cock and I reclined back as she stroked. She whispered to me to stay quiet. I nodded, opening my jeans some more. She pulled faster and faster until I pulled my pants back over my cock. I squirted so hard in my jeans. What a feeling.

627. Man's Story: Cum on Team, Let's Score (1/4/07)

In my senior year of high school a few years back, I had been dating a girl for almost two years and graduation had come. My girlfriend was amazing. She was 5'7" with a perfect body, round ass, big breasts, long brown hair with red streaks (those drove me crazy) and a "come-get-me" kind of face. She had been holding out on sex because she was a virgin and she was confused about it.

Anyway, I went out to the graduation party at her house and started meeting friends and talking about our colleges. After we all had drunk and danced the night away, most of the guests had left to go to other parties or had gone home. There were still a good few people there when she asked me to come upstairs to her room.

I came in and there was a chair in the middle of her room and she called from her bathroom for me to sit down. After a minute she came out of there wearing her old cheerleading uniform. She walked towards me swaying those hips of hers and sat on top of me grinding her ass on my growing cock. After a while, she got up and slowly started to take off the mini skirt and the top piece to reveal that she had only worn a g-string and no bra.

She sat on me, French kissing me while she ground her crotch against me and I was groping her breast. I couldn't take much more so I picked her up and put her on the bed. I had sex before I met her, so I knew how to go down on a girl. Before I knew it, she was moaning and squirming, telling me how good it felt and how badly she wanted me. I continued eating her out until she started cumming on me.

I let her rest for a few moments and then I took off my clothes and got on top of her. She was moaning at me to stick my cock in her, but I knew how easy you must be with virgins. As I pushed my dick inside her, she let out a gasp and I was going to pull out when she said it was O.K., but to go more slowly. I was soon able to get all the way in and we slowly began to move together. Her cunt was unusually tight, but I wasn't complaining. I started to feel my load beginning to gather.

By now we were fucking at a good speed and she was going into an orgasm. When she began to blow her top, I pulled out and blasted my spunk all over her stomach. She passed out there and I fell asleep next to her. When we woke up the next morning, she was sore but promised to give me a blowjob later (5 minutes later).

626. Woman's Story: Let's Play Drop the Soap  (1/4/07)

My fiancé and I were in the shower together this morning, meaning to just get clean and go out for the day, but being naked together always turns us both on. I was rinsing the soap off my body when I felt his big hard cock pressed against my ass. "Will you jerk me off?" he asked. I told him no, because I wanted to fuck.

He backed off for a minute, until I started washing my ass. Then he pressed against me and slid his fingers in and out of my wet, soapy asshole. "Turn around and bend over," he said. I turned and leaned over, putting my hands on the bottom of the tub. He started rubbing my hot pussy and then slid his cock deep inside me, fucking me hard. It felt so good, it took a moment to notice his dick had slid out and was rubbing my clit.

I grabbed it to pull it back into my throbbing cunt, but then I changed my mind. "Fuck me in the ass," I told him. With one hand on the wall, and one rubbing my clit, I spread my legs and felt his huge cock plunge deep inside my tight asshole. He fucked me so hard, for so long I almost thought I wouldn't be able to take it. His big dick thrusting in and out of my ass while I came all over my fingers felt incredible, and he just kept going, reaming out my ass more than he ever had before. I moaned and screamed so loud the neighbors later commented on it. Finally he came, my asshole almost completely numb. Nonetheless, I think we'll be having anal sex in the shower a lot more often from now on.

625. Woman's Story: Not Too Drunk to Fuck (1/4/07)

It was 11 at night and my boyfriend lost his keys so he had to crash at my place. We ended up drinking too much and getting a bit too drunk. I tore my shirt off and undid my bra while he caressed my large breasts, making my nipples go really hard. He began to suck and lick my breasts and I was getting really wet.

I took off my skirt and I let my boy take off my panties. He began to finger me and letting his fingers touch me everywhere. Eventually he let three of his fingers slip gently into my vagina. He took them out slightly before ramming them back in, giving me the BEST orgasm!

Then he stripped and I gave him a blow job. I felt his cum squirting into my mouth and I swallowed it and moaned for more. We ended up having hardcore sex and I came five times! He kept caressing my whole body, especially my genitals and we spent the whole night fucking!

624. Woman's Story: Taking a Short Cut (1/4/07)

For two years, I was a part-time ramp model. I had a steady boyfriend then and we were really intimate. One time, I had a new project and I had to wear a backless top with a strapless bra underneath, and a skirt. It was already late and my boyfriend fetched me from the hotel, the venue of the project. We rode a taxi going home.

There are two ways to go home, the long way where all the traffic can go, and the short cut, where only pedestrians can go. But then, my boyfriend insisted that we take the short cut. We stopped the taxi and we walked home.

 Ten houses before we got home, there was a big empty lot, with all kinds of weeds and trees in it. As I mentioned, it was really late and no one was around but the two of us. My boyfriend suddenly held my hands and led me to the empty lot and stood underneath a tree. We started kissing and petting. We kissed, and then he proceeded kissing my neck, then removed my strapless bra and kissed my tits and touched them.

I had to control my moaning because we were outdoors. I was not really sure that I was ready to have sex with him because of the risk of being caught, but every time that thought came in, it caused me to be more excited and out of control. Which made me more wet.

He then put his hands under my skirt and in my wet pussy and played my clit. It made me more excited and uncontrollable. All I could say was, "Fuck me now!” But then he teased me. And for awhile, he put his finger inside me and played with my wet cunt and the same time bit my nipples. He then stopped and opened his zipper and exposed his big dick. He expected me to give him a blowjob, but I also teased him and only licked his dick a little with my tongue.

He then turned me around and fucked me doggie style. All the pumping and excitement and thrill of being caught gave me the biggest orgasm in my life. Up to this day, whenever I pass by that vacant lot, it always gives me a smile.

623. Man's Story: Watching Porn Pays Off  (1/4/07)

My first blowjob happened on this day when my sister's friends came over for dinner. I was 20 then and was in my room watching the Playboy Channel. Of course I thought I had the door locked, and I was sitting in front of the TV with my hand on my cock and my pants off.

Well, anyway, my sister and two of her friends had gone to the movies, but one, 18 years old, was waiting at my house for her parents to come pick her up. She was looking for her jacket and mistakenly went in my room thinking it was my sister's. First she was like, "Oh my god, sorry," and left, but soon after she came back to talk about what I was watching and was asking questions about me.

Real quickly we got into a sexy conversation and my cock was so big and erect it was popping out of my pants. I said I was real horny and so did she. We grabbed each other and started kissing and touching. Afterwards, she got off of me and undid her blouse, sitting on me. She shoved my face into her massive tits as I was undoing her bra. She pulled off my shirt and started touching my cock. We turned some porn on and started watching.

There we sat, me nothing but a pair of boxers and her in a g-string, with my dick popping out and her squeezing her tits in front of my face. As we watched the guy in the porn receive a blowjob, she grabbed my dick and put it into her boobs and started squeezing them. On top of that, she started licking the top of my dick and soon after gave me a full blowjob. I came three times in her mouth and could no longer take it. I grabbed her and pushed her onto my bed and shoved my dick into her warm, wet pussy. Amazingly we had the best sex ever with and finished before her folks arrived. We are now dating and soon going to marry.

622. Man's Story: Private Party (12/28/06)

So I was having a party with a group of friends. I had invited this girl that I liked, and I knew that she liked me back. So at the party we kept exchanging looks, and I could really tell that she wanted something. A little while later I was talking to my friends and she walked by and looked at me, and then motioning with her eyes to the house. She walked into the house, and I followed.

When I got in the house we started kissing. I pushed her against the wall and we started putting our hands all over each other. She then pulled away and walked into the TV room. I of course followed. When I got in, we continued our make out session. As we got deeper into tounging, I slowly pushed her to the couch and I lay on top of her. We continued going deeper.

Finally we both knew what we wanted. I reached down and unzipped her pants. I pulled them down, and then did the same with her underwear. I started fingering her for a minute or two. She was getting really wet. I then stood on my knees and she sat up and unzipped my pants and brought them down. I was already horny as hell. She then brought down my boxers, causing my dick to spring out. She reached into her pocket and took out a condom. "You came prepared," I said. She just smiled at me. I put on the condom and then we went down again.

I pushed my cock into her and the feeling was so amazing. I continued pumping in and out, making out with her. After a little bit she brought her hands up and unbuttoned her shirt. I helped out and pulled it apart, still fucking her, and proceeded to suck on her breasts and tits. She moaned more and more. The fucking and sucking on her breasts went on for about 10-20 minutes, until we both climaxed. No doubt the best sex yet. The best part was just walking out 30 minutes later and just casually talking to my friends as if nothing happened.

621. Man's Story: Horny Housewives on the Houseboat  (12/28/06)

Recently I was among four couples taking a trip renting a large houseboat. It was the third time in as many years we all decided to get away for a long weekend. Two of the bedrooms are located on a lower level. I went down to change and got a glimpse of one of the wives (a full view).

Later that night as everyone was upstairs in the hot tub partying, I went down to get a sweatshirt before the late evening. After changing I noticed she was in her room, and as I passed by she said, "How about another look?"  and flashed.

After getting home I felt uncomfortable around her and tried to keep my distance until this past weekend when we got together on a community project. After the meeting she said she wanted to talk, and began kissing and fondling me. Before I knew it she performed oral sex and I blew my load into her craving mouth. Granted, I am still uncomfortable around her when we go out, but the blow job was great.

620. Woman's Story: What's for Lunch? (12/28/06)

I had been sort of seeing this guy from work and there was something just so sexy about how easygoing he was. We would spend the breaks we had at the same time together, and he'd always find excuses to pass by to see me.

One afternoon we both had our hour lunch break together and were going up to the staff room when he asked me if I had ever been in the elevator to get upstairs before. I said no because I hadn't. It was basically reserved for people who couldn't walk up the stairs. In fact it was so tiny you controlled it with its buttons, whether you were to go up, go down, or stop. Obviously he asked me if I wanted to be escorted upstairs in it...I smirked and went in.

So halfway up (it's just like you're between 4 walls...nobody can hear or see you) he stops it and comes closer to me and gently grabs my face in his hands and forces me to look him in the eye. We started off by slowly making out and then we just started going nuts on each other. I can't remember who took off whose pants and underwear, but I did know that this guy was giving me the best oral sex I had EVER received. He was flicking his tongue on my clit while at the same time fingered me.

Hardly being able to control myself, I pushed him off me and bent down to my knees. I started sucking his long thick cock and I could feel him pulling at my hair. So I came up and he pushed me against the wall, opened my legs, lifted me to his level and stuck his huge dick right inside me. He was fucking me so goddamn hard I couldn't help but scream. At one point he slowly ran his finger over my anus and began slowly fucking me. I came so hard my whole body shook. Within seconds after that he pulled out and came himself. It was a pretty good lunch break.

619. Man's Story: Doing It in Costume (12/28/06)

It was Halloween. I went to a party with my girlfriend, who is now my fiancée. I was dressed like a Goth, and she was dressed like Minnie Mouse. We had a few drinks and sneakily made our way downstairs. We were looking at the turtles in the tank near the bathroom when she went inside to do her hair. I quickly followed her and we began to kiss a lot.

One thing led to the other and we ended up with our clothes on the floor. We were both virgins, and she asked if I was ready, and I answered I was. I sat down on the toilet seat, which was the closest thing available, and she made her way to me where she sat down and eased her way on top of me. She was wearing her high heels, and I was still wearing my socks, so I guess it wasn't that sexy. Even though it hurt her, I could tell that in some parts she enjoyed it. We kissed and thrust against each other, but then we heard the car horn outside. We had to go. I wasn't able to finish, but it was the most memorable time of my life.

618. Woman's Story: Getting Down to Business  (12/28/06)

I unlike most of the girls I went to high school with, I stayed a virgin till I was 22. The last guy I dated broke my heart and I turned away from thoughts of sex and love. Oh, don't get me wrong - I used a vibrator on my clit several times a day. But I wanted dick and after a few months more on a trip, I decided that come hell or high water, I wanted to be laid.

Just my luck, the person I was on the business trip with was a man and was interested in me, so the last night of our trip I took charge. I went to my room, put on the bra and panty set that was lacy, tight and sexy, and I put on a robe and slipped down the hall to his room. I told him, no more games, no more B.S. I know you have the hots for me and I'm finding you extremely attractive. However, I also told him that I wanted to go slow and pace myself. So we had foreplay for an hour or longer and we had both cum twice, to the point of exhaustion. We managed to get a second wind and made love.

Lucky for me the man who had taken my virginity became the man that I married. Thank goodness too, because after an all-night sex session I didn't want anyone else to have his fat 9 inches either.

617. Man's Story: Laid by the Lake (12/15/06)

I was at an outdoor concert that lasted all day. Behind the stage was a small lake where people had been swimming. A few were skinny dipping, and I joined in, not wanting to wear wet clothes afterward. I jerked off underwater, and a few people seemed to know what I was doing, but didn't seem to care.

That evening, being horny again, I walked back to the lake, thinking I would jerk off again. There was a girl sitting next to the water, crying. She was a fat chick wearing glasses, in jeans and a halter, with big titties. I sat and we talked for a bit. She told me she and her boyfriend had been fighting. I asked if she wanted to swim and she said sure.

I stripped naked and got in the water, and she got in fully clothed. I held her in the water and we kissed, my hard cock against her jeans. We went back to the bank and continued making out, and I pulled her halter to the side and sucked her big titties while I strained to undo her jeans. She never stopped me and soon I had her jeans down and was fingering her wet hairy pussy.

I climbed on top of her and guided my cock to her juicy hole. She offered no resistance and soon we were fucking in plain sight of anyone that passed, and many did. I came in her pussy rather quickly and rolled off her. She pulled her pants up, and as I dressed she said, "Hey, it was great balling with you." I went back to the concert, never even knowing her name.

616. Woman's Story: Snap, Crackle, Pop (12/15/06)

My husband was coming home from work and stopped by a party store along the way. He found something a little sweet to munch on. It was pop rocks, the little crystal candy that pops in your mouth when it gets wet.

When he arrived home, I was waiting for him on the bed dressed in a sexy blouse without any panties, staring at him with an expression that said, "You know what you've got to do." He immediately threw the remaining pop rocks in his mouth and went down on me. My hips buckled when the sweet candy made contact with my clit. It was amazing!

I forced his head down on me, only wanting more. The sensation was so powerful that I actually ejaculated on his face. It was the best experience that I have ever had, so good that I even kissed him afterwards to taste the juice that I had left in his mouth.

615. Woman's Story: Lessons in Lust (12/15/06)

This summer I've been staying with my mum and going to BBQ's with her and her friends. There is this one guy who she is friends with that I've liked for ages. He's much older than me, so nothing happened for ages. However, this one night we were all at this party in a hot tub and he starts touching me under the water, so I return the favor (remember there are other people in the hot tub).

Well of course, I hardly discouraged him, so this went on for a while. Then my mum gets out of the hot tub and as soon as she is out of sight I turn around and start kissing him and he takes off my bikini top. But then I'm very cold so I get out and go and find my mum who is drunk. She's in the bed I'm meant to be sharing with her, but I didn't want to because she was feeling sick. So I went and slept in the living room with this guy.

I ended up rolling around on the floor with him. He couldn't resist touching me all over. He started rubbing my clitoris so I gave him a hand and made myself come but he was still touching me all over and so this happened again. At about 7 we got dressed again and slept on separate chairs so no one would suspect anything.

I emailed him and that Friday we met up again. As soon as we got in the door of his house we were all over each other and spent the whole day in bed. He made me come 3 times. I almost fucked him, but didn't quite have the nerve, but it was the closest I've come. He also went down on me which was amazingly good. I know its wrong 'cause he is so much older than me, but I've learnt a lot and it was fun while it lasted. I've got to go away this Friday, so I probably won't ever see him again.

614. Woman's Story: Missed the Movie (12/15/06)

One night me and my boyfriend and one of our mutual friends went to see a movie that had just been released so there was a huge crowd in the theatre. We sat in the back, like always, and about 5 minutes into the movie me and my boyfriend began making out. We didn't care that our other friend could see because at this point we were both too horny to care.

He told me to sit on his lap, so I did trying to make it look as innocent as possible. We put his sweatshirt over my lap and I asked him to rub me underneath my skirt. After about 15 minutes of that he whispered in my ear that he wants me so bad, and of course, I wanted him too. Me and my boyfriend couldn't just leave my friend there with no excuse, so we said that we were going to buy a drink.

We quickly snuck into the men's bathroom where we continued our makeout session. After about 5 minutes I sat up on the back of the toilet with my legs spread. To make me want it even more, right before he went in he fingered me hard and had to stop me from moaning. Then he put his hard penis deep inside me and he started thrusting. We fucked for what seemed like only 20 minutes.

When we left the bathroom we headed back to our theatre trying to think of an excuse to tell our friend. When we got back, the staff was already cleaning the theatre and we knew we were screwed. Turns out we were actually in the bathroom for and hour and a half and we ended up making a lie to our friend about being kicked out of the movie. She eventually forgave us but swore she'd never go to a movie with us again.

613. Woman's Story: Fast Food Frolic  (12/15/06)

When I was in high school, during the summer, I worked at a fast food restaurant in a mall food court. These restaurants have storage closets behind them where dry food and styrofoam cups and things like that are piled high. One day as I was in there to replenish the plates right after lunch rush hour, this new Mexican guy that worked in our kitchen came in too to get a sack of rice. I had a crush on him ever since he started working there. We had been flirting back and forth; just an innocent touch on the hand, a smile, small talk, but nothing serious.

It's kind of a small storage so there wasn't too much room for two people to pass without touching each other, especially since there were rice and flour sacks piled on the floor space. I had to reach up to get plates from the higher shelves. He was holding a sack on his shoulders, so he put it down to help me, since he was taller than me.

I felt his hand brush my back and I started to feel hot. I couldn't move and just stared into his eyes. I saw his lips and my lips started to tingle in anticipation. He had the most beautiful face and the body of a Greek sculpture. I knew that he liked what he saw too. I'm a petite girl with brown hair, full breasts, and tight abs. Anyways, we just started making out right there, forgetting all about why we came to the storage in the first place. His lips locked with mine and it tasted soo sweet.

After kissing like this for what seemed like forever, his hands were all over my body, exploring my curves, then he undid my pants and pushed me onto the sacks on the floor. I undid his zipper and pulled his pants down. I could feel the hardness of his cock. He pushed my shirt and bra higher without taking them off, and started to lick my nipples. I pulled down his boxers and started gliding my hand over his cock and moaning in pleasure. Then he started to lick my pussy, all the while massaging my breasts. I had an orgasm pretty soon and my whole body shook from the pleasure.

He placed me on my knees and hands and entered me from behind. I could feel his balls hitting my clit every time he moved back and forth. We continued this until he pulled out and came all over my back. I could feel the wetness running down my sides. We had to clean up quickly afterwards and go back to our stations before our boss starts wondering where we were. As we left, we realized the door was not locked and anyone, including our boss could have walked in on us. We fucked like this a few times later until I had to start school in the fall.

612. Woman's Story: He Grew Up to Be Hot (11/1/06)

During our family reunions as kids, my cousin had a family friend who always attended the parties. He is 3 years older than I and as kids we all had fun together. Many years later when we were older, he took notice of me and I noticed him during another reunion.

One night my cousin, the friend, and I were watching TV before going to bed. When my cousin fell asleep, the friend got on top me and we made out for 10 minutes while he was groping me. I was really horny and hot for him (he turned out real hot growing up).

He started to take off my shorts and my thong and unzipped his pants. I whispered in his ear that I wanted him to fuck me hard. He stuck his rock hard cock into my wet hole and thrust and thrust. I was so wet, so his dick easily slid in and out of my hole. He whispered in my ear that he was surprised what a hot girl I grew up to be and how he had jacked off earlier that day in the bathroom thinking about wanting to fuck me.

We fucked for a good 20 minutes and until we were both swelling with orgasms and he blew his warm load into my hole. When we both got cleaned up, clothed, and ready for bed, my cousin woke up, asked us what time it was, and fell asleep. My cousin still doesn't know, and I haven't seen the friend since.

611. Woman's Story: Swing Your Partner (11/1/06)

I was at a country dance club, having a good time with some friends. I found a really cute guy to dance with and was having fun while also feeling a good size bulge in his jeans. I asked him if he wanted to go outside, so we went out to my truck.

We got in and I reached over and slipped out his massive cock. It had a nice mushroom head, with bulging veins. I played with it for awhile, admiring how it grew harder in my hand and rubbing around the head with the palm of my hand. I finally bent down to consume his cock. I sucked on him for quite some time, wanting to savor his thickness.

I wanted to do more, but was getting satisfied just knowing he was enjoying my mouth. After some amount of time and slowing him down frequently, he shot his load into my mouth and down my throat. I sucked him dry and thanked him. I drove home playing with myself and when I told my husband what I did, he fucked me like there was no end.

610. Man's Story: An Extra in the Bed (11/1/06)

After a particularly drunken work night out a few of us went back to one of the girl's houses for a few more drinks and for the boys to crash out on the living room floor, whilst the two girls shared a bed. After a while of not being able to sleep due to the noise of the girls giggling in their room, I got up, went into their room and boyishly climbed into bed with them for a chat. All three of us soon fell into a drunken sleep.

I awoke sometime later to find myself being kissed and stroked by one of the girls. Her friend, as far as I could tell, was still fast asleep. Immediately horny, I started to kiss her back as my cock grew harder and my hands worked over her breasts and pussy. The tension became too much and she grabbed my butt and pulled my cock into her.

We tried to be quiet and not wake her friend as we rocked gently back and forth, but soon my horniness overcame me and I didn't care who knew. I rolled her over onto her back and we started humping faster and faster and our moans could not be muffled. By the time I came into her she was practically screaming at me to fuck her harder and the bed was banging up against the wall and squeaking like never before.

I collapsed off her and looked across at the still sleeping (or pretending to sleep) friend. I have never cum so hard before or since then fucking with someone else not only in the same room as me, but in the same bed. Her friend never said a word.

609. Man's Story: The Captain's Wife (11/1/06)

I have worked for marine fisheries for several years and spend a good portion of my life in the north Pacific checking on the fishing conditions. It's a good life and I'm frequently called upon to make arrests on ships of foreign flags that violate our law. It was during one of these arrests as I was escorting a Russian factory ship to Anchorage that I met Sonja, the wife of the captain of the ship. It was the captain himself who introduced us and allowed events to transpire.

I had just settled into my cabin for the two day voyage to Anchorage when Sonja appeared at my door with a bottle of vodka and an inviting smile. When she had entered the cabin, her intent was written all over her.  We drank and played a bit; then she began to peel off my clothing. Had I not been a bit drunk, I might have questioned her motives or her boldness with her husband, the captain, so close. But I'd been at sea for nearly two months and she was a beautiful woman.

It was a great union and we brought each other to heights of passion seldom achieved as we fucked that evening and that night. By morning we had played hard and slept, then played again. That morning at breakfast, we joined the ship's officers and I quickly perceived that the captain knew about what had transpired between his wife and I. As I went over the events of the previous day and night, I realized she hadn't slept in his bed! He had surely missed her.

Then, after breakfast, Sonja came to my room again and I confronted her. "What does your husband think of you being with me?" I asked, and she replied, "Who do you think arranged all this? He even provided the vodka. He knows that you'll be turning him and his crew over to the authorities and someone must remain to take care of his ship. I'm not part of the crew.. . .not if you say so, anyway!"

As she entered with another bottle of vodka, she went on to ask if I hadn't liked it and if she hadn't been good enough. We fucked several more times during the voyage to Anchorage and each time it was better than before. Once at the quay at the Coast Guard station the captain's prediction had been right. He and the crew were taken to the civilian jail and only Sonja remained to tend the ship. After these matters were attended to, I returned to my duty at sea and Sonja became a pleasant memory.

608. Woman's Story: Cape Cod Cocksucking  (11/1/06)

I have this absolutely amazing and wonderful boyfriend and we've been together for over a year now. We decided to go on holiday to Cape Cod (since work had been getting to us both). I had been planning this for ages, the best night of my life, with the one I love.

We headed over to the beach not long before the sun sets. We brought a huge blanket to rest on top of a hill over looking the beach and ocean. We began to kiss so passionately. As I was keeping him preoccupied with my tongue in his mouth, I was undoing his pants as he did so with mine. I helped him take my shirt and bra off as I removed his shirt. I could tell he had been getting really horny for it was showing quite clearly through his boxers. I slid my thumbs down between his sides and boxers and took them off just like that, which is when he went down to slide my panties off with his teeth (he was a regular animal and I loved every second of it).

Since he had been rubbing my pussy for several minutes, I was dripping. I decided to give him something he'd never forget. I kissed all the way down to his dick and began to kiss, lick and suck the top of his dick. I moved my hands to his balls and massaged them greatly between my fingers. He pre-came tons on my lips. I then decided he was throbbing so much, I couldn't help it - I opened my mouth wide and started going down on his dick further and further until I was deep throating. I was so relaxed and it was wonderful seeing his face all lit up with happiness.

Just before he finished, I stopped sucking his dick and he went down on me until I had the best orgasm (or so I thought). He came back up and we began to make out passionately again, and he surprised me. I felt his dick throbbing and pressing up against my thighs. He was slowly placing his dick in my pussy. He began to pump it harder and deeper into my wet throbbing pussy. It felt so great and he came in minutes. Shortly after, so did I (it was like destiny, we came in a matter of seconds apart). We sat there completely out of breath when we decided to grab our clothes and run to the car. We didn't last that long on the road. We had to pull over in the woods and have a round two in the back seat.


607. Woman's Story: Public Sexcapades (9/29/06)

it was the September holidays and I was in the city with my boyfriend. We drank a bottle of tequila between us and both got extremely horny. We ended up having sex in the most public places and in broad daylight. An hour or so later, we decided to go to the movies - still drunk. I believe we went into Herbie Fully Loaded.

Anyways, there were only about 5 people in the theatre, and we sat in the back seats. The movie was so boring that we decided to have some more fun. Kissing lead to me being fingered, which lead to me giving his hard cock a blow job. It got to the stage where we wanted to fuck again. So we did. I got on top of him, and started to ride him.

About half an hour later, a man left the cinema and walked past us - me still riding him. The movie ended shortly after, and the elderly couple in the row in front of us walked off, and gave us the biggest dirty looks. We had sex about 7 times that day in various places.

606. Man's Story: Girlfriend Takes Charge (9/29/06)

My girlfriend and I had been going for a while but really hadn't done too much. She let me touch her boobs through her shirt once and I got real hard one time when we were kissing and she was sitting on my lap.

The other night we were watching TV at my place. I was sitting on the couch and she was lying with her head in my lap. We were channel surfing when we came across the Playboy channel. She told me to stop it there and we watched some girl get naked and then take a shower. I had to shift a bit under her because I was getting hard.

She looked at me and said, "Do you like naked women?" I kinda shrugged and said, "Of course, I like the female form." She sat there looking at me for a moment. Then she stood up and stripped naked. I couldn't believe my eyes. Man was she hot. I was really hard now. "Well, what do you think? Am I as good looking as the slut in the movie?" I told her that she was hotter and started to unzip my pants. Then she said, "What are you doing?" "I was going to get naked too," I said. "No, not today," she told me.

She pushed me back on the couch and then straddled me. We made out for a good ten minutes and she even let me suck her boobs. I kept trying to rub up against her pussy, but she wouldn't let me. Finally, realizing that I was really hard, she unzipped my pants and jerked me off really fast. What a feeling! I came so hard that I shot my load almost to the TV.

She smiled, calmly got dressed and kissed me on the lips. "I got to go, perhaps I'll see you tomorrow. Maybe we'll have some other fun if you stop at the store and get some protection." I ran to the store right after she left.

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